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North of the beach of Agios Georgios, equipped and lined with tavernas, bars and cafes.
Most of Agios Georgios Beach is equipped and lined with restaurants, cafes and bars. It is the beach of Chora, capital and port of Naxos. Very popular and very busy in high season, it is quieter in its southern part.
In the heart of the old Venetian kastro
From this passageway beautifully renovated in the respect of tradition, you will be spoiled for choice to visit the entire perimeter of the kastro, following one lane or another.
The Glezos Tower, remnant of the Venetian city walls
In the past, the kastro probably had 12 towers, and the Crispi (or Glezos) Tower is the only one that still stands today. It can be visited because it hosts the Byzantine Museum, according to the wishes of the last owners, the Glezos family.
Catholic Cathedral in the heart of the Venetian Old Town
The Catholic Cathedral stands in the heart of the citadel of Chora. In this first version of the virtual stroll, we make only a brief incursion on this beautiful square, before going back down to the seaside by another way...
Old Market Street, lined with taverns and shops
Tiny squares, crowded alleys and vaulted passageways make all the charm of Old Market Street, one of the must-see tours of any stay in Naxos.
Orthodox Cathedral and Mycenaean archaeological site
The big Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral Zoodochos Pighi surprises with its unusual green domes. Opposite, a large square hosts archaeological vestiges dating from the Mycenaean era.
Main jetty of the port, where all ferries dock
All ferries of the main lines arrive and depart from this jetty, with the exception of the Little Cyclades ferry, which departs from the nearby marina jetty.
The Portara, emblematic monument of Naxos, an unfinished Temple of Apollo
Here we are at the Portara, emblematic monument of Naxos. Our virtual stroll crosses it and goes around the ruins to allow you to discover this unfinished Temple of Apollo from all angles.
Sea front, marina and Protopapadaki Promenade
The Protopapadaki Promenade and its innumerable taverns are just across the road. The virtual stroll passes here in front of Mezé2 (or Mezé Mezé), an excellent restaurant that we recommend.
Jetty of the Small Cyclades (Express Skopelitis and Alexander)
It is from this pier that depart some excursion boats and the Express Skopelitis, the ferry of the Small Cyclades Lines, which serves Iraklia, Schinoussa, Ano Koufonissi, Donoussa and Amorgos.
City Hall and Sphinx of the Naxians
In front of the Townhall stands a (modernized) reproduction of the Naxian Sphinx, a monumental statue erected at the top of a 10 m high ionic column near the Temple of Apollo, in Delphi. The original is in the Archaeological Museum of Delphi.
Bus and taxi stations, quite close to the landing stage
The bus and taxi stations are located on the large square facing the main jetty of the port.
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