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Agia Anna, one of the beautiful sandy beaches of the west coast
Agia Anna, south of Agios Prokopios, is one of the golden beaches on the west coast of Naxos. All these beaches are quite crowded in summer, except the ones that are much further south.
The chapel of Agia Kyriaki and its panoramic view of the east coast
To discover the east coast of Naxos and its wild beaches, you have to go through the mountains and, in Apiranthos, take the winding road to Moutsouna. Widened a few years ago, the road is now very well maintained and you can stop to admire the view here, next to the chapel of Agia Kyriaki.
Agios Prokopios, one of the beautiful sandy beaches of the west coast
Agios Prokopios is the first of the long series of golden beaches on the west coast of Naxos. These are obviously quite crowded in summer. If you like quiet beaches, you will have to go much further south!
Apiranthos, a mountain village that has kept all its authenticity
What's on the other side of this magnificent vaulted passage? Let's keep a little mystery and go up the alley instead...
Aria Spring, a shady oasis at the foot of Mount Zas
A shady oasis at the foot of Mount Zas. A perfect place to meditate a bit while listening to the gurgling of the source and the song of the birds.
Apollonas, the small fishing village north of Naxos
All the panoramas of this virtual stroll were shot around mid-September 2020, during the pandemic. Greece had reopened its borders for the summer season, but the usual crowds were not present...
The phantom hotel of Alyko and its street art paintings
"Elf", Wild Drawing (WD Street Art) 2018.
Flerio, archaic sanctuary, lush gardens and kouros
This rather mysterious archaeological site was dedicated to a goddess of fertility and two giants, the twin brothers Otos and Ephialtes, who were worshipped by the workers of the nearby marble quarries.
Halki, the village of kitron, iconic liqueur from Naxos
The charming village of "kitron", the iconic liqueur from Naxos, distilled from citron, a kind of big lemon. You can visit a distillery and taste this delicious liqueur. Halki is also a perfect starting point for many beautiful hikes.
Lionas, a little known beach of the east coast, at the foot of the mountains
A little known and fascinating place, at the end of a vertiginous road starting from Koronos and meandering along disused mines of emery. A few welcoming taverns, a beautiful pebble beach. We feel at the end of the world and it feels good!
The impressive marble quarries of the Naxos hinterland
Some roads in the hinterland offer impressive views of gigantic marble quarries which are still in operation. We bet your life insurance will not pay if you try and go too close...
The beach of Mikri Vigla, one of the long beaches of the west coast
We arrive almost at the end of the beach, where we will be able to join the road. But the stroll is not over yet...
Moutsouna, the port from where the emeri extracted in the mountains was embarked
The port from where the emery extracted in the mountains was embarked, at the bottom of a vertiginous road starting in Apiranthos. Nowadays, it's a nice seaside destination and the access point to the wild beaches of the east coast.
The islet of Parthenos and its small church, in front of Mikri Vigla
An island off the beach of Parthenos, with a tiny church. From the beach, you see it in the background of kitesurfers' acrobatics and you may dream to tackle on it...

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The Portara, emblematic monument of Naxos, an unfinished Temple of Apollo
Here we are at the Portara, emblematic monument of Naxos. Our virtual stroll crosses it and goes around the ruins to allow you to discover this unfinished Temple of Apollo from all angles.
Chaotic rocky landscapes on the road to Halki
A few kilometres from Halki, after the fertile region of Kato, Meso and Ano Potamia, the road passes through a rocky landscape, especially when it has been burnt by the summer sun. We took the time to shoot a few panoramas of this splendid desolation...
Stavros Keramotis, at the crossroads of the mountain roads
The Stavros Keramotis Church (the "Cross of Keramoti") stands in the mountains at the crossroads of Keramoti, Apiranthos, Moni and Koronos. When you pass by, don't miss the view!
The ruins of the Temple of Demeter, near Ano Sagri
Lost in the sumptuous landscapes of the hinterland, the Temple of Demeter has been partially restored but the site seems more or less abandoned, while remaining a fascinating stroll.
Plunging view of Koronos from the road coming from Stavros Keramotis
A superb panoramic view of the mountain village of Koronos, with Skado a little further on, from the road coming from the crossroads of Stavros Keramotis.
Windmill and wind turbines above Koronos
Collision between the Greece of the past and modern Greece on the road leading to Koronos and Apollonas through the mountains, shortly after the crossroads of Stavros Keramotis.
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