Montreux, Clarens and Territet
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Vineyards and castle of Châtelard above Clarens
There is no public passage to climb to the Château du Châtelard through the vineyards. This is not a problem for our virtual stroll, which from here will make you jump up to the foot of the castle...
Beach of La Maladaire, at the gates of Montreux-Clarens
The Maladaire Beach is in fact located on the territory of La Tour-de-Peilz, but just a few steps from Montreux-Clarens. We present it here out of season, almost deserted, with the amazing colors of autumn.
The lawn and the beach of Le Pierrier in Clarens
With its superb views of the lake, its lawn, its sports facilities, its beach and its refreshment bar, Le Pierrier is a very popular leisure space in all seasons.
Covered Market of Montreux and statue of Freddie Mercury
Thrown in portafaux on the water, a round pontoon invites to take a short break to admire the plaza and Lake Geneva.
Parc de l´Europe, a stone´s throw from Maladaire Beach
While Maladaire Beach attracts crowds, Parc de l'Europe remains unknown. If you are looking for a place to relax, this is the place for you. A large lawn, a few benches, a pond covered with water lilies, a small bridge, a zigzag paved path, a bucolic atmosphere... a real zen garden!
The park of Vernex, beside the Convention Center of Montreux
The Music in the Park festival, the free open air of the Montreux Jazz Festival, takes place here in July, next to the 2M2C (Montreux Music & Convention Center).
The picturesque old town of Montreux
We are here at the end of Rue du Pont, where it arrives at Place des Planches. Our stroll will now continue to left, along Rue du Temple, towards the emblematic church of Montreux.
The picturesque small port of Territet
Right next to the boat dock, the harbour of Territet is really tiny but quite picturesque. Along its jetty, benches invite you to take a break and, at the end, a few wooden deckchairs make it hard to resist to farniente desires.
The Port of Basset and Salagnon Islet in Clarens
From the west mole of the port, facing the island of Salagnon and its neo-classical villa, the edge of the lake is accessible on foot up to the mouth of Eau-Froide river in Villeneuve, 9km further. To west, the stroll is first interrupted by private properties, then it continues for 4km between La Tour-de-Peilz and Vevey-Corseaux-Plage.
The path along the Baye de Clarens River
The path of La Foge starts from Tavel, at the footbridge over the Baye de Clarens and follows the left bank of the river to La Foge, through a bucolic forest offering refreshing views of pretty little cascades. It's a very easy stroll.
Esplanade of Saint-Vincent and view on Montreux
The Temple of Saint-Vincent is the emblematic church of Montreux, which silhouette appears in the coat of arms of the town. It is a Protestant temple imbued with a magical atmosphere, with a romantic esplanade offering a magnificent view of the city and the lake.
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