Veytaux, Chillon and Villeneuve
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The Castle of Chillon, most visited monument of Switzerland
The Castle of Chillon, most visited monument of Switzerland, dates back to the 10th century, probably built on the ruins of Roman fortifications. Expanded over the centuries, it served as a prison, inspiring Lord Byron in 1816 for his famous poem "The Prisoner of Chillon".
The lakeview from the mole of Eau-Froide river, in Villeneuve
From this mole of the marina, where we enjoy a superb view of the whole Haut-Lac ("Upper Lake"), our stroll takes you along the lakeshore to the west of Vevey. A walk of more than 5 miles along a Lake Léman (Lake of Geneva) with ever-changing colors, in a spectacular nest of mountains.
The tiny port of Clos de Chillon and its view on the lake and the castle
The tiny harbour of Clos de Chillon is one of the most charming spots of the lake promenade. During the summer season, a small refreshment bar invites you to take a short break. Further to the castle, the promenade will get narrower and climb gently along the railway line.
The picnic place by the lake, at the gates of Villeneuve
At the gates of Villeneuve, just before the swimming pool, the promenade runs along a lawn equipped with tables, benches and small barbecues. Even if it's backed by the railroad track, this nice picnic spot is a very pleasant place, which offers a gorgeous view of the lake, with Montreux and the Castle of Chillon in the background.
The beach of Villeneuve and its amazing lakeview
The beach offers an amazing view of the whole Riviera, from the elegant line of the Chillon motorway viaduct to the vineyards of Lavaux. Beyond, Lake Geneva gets lost behind the horizon, as if Villeneuve was nestled at the bottom of a sea bay. Behind you, a large lawn invites to lie down in the grass and enjoy the sun...
Quai Grand´Rive and Parc de l´Ouchettaz, in Villeneuve
Quai Grand'Rive begins 100 m after the mouth of the Tinière River and heads south to the boat dock. It then turns south-west, runs along the old town and the large park of Ouchettaz, to end at the marina and at the mouth of the Eau-Froide River.
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