Thira (Santorini)
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Akrotiri, a picturesque village nestled around the ruins of a 13th century Venetian castle
The picturesque village that gave its name to the nearby archaeological site. It is nestled around the ruins of a 13th century Venetian castle, the restored part of which hosts a surprising Greek bagpipe museum.
Fira, the bustling capital of Santorini, always overcrowded
We pass next to one of the most beautiful churches of Fira, the chapel of Aghios Stylianos, perched at the edge of the cliff. It is probably one of the most photographed churches of all the Cyclades, and it deserves it!
Imerovigli, hanging on top of the cliff facing the impressive rock of Skaros
Our virtual stroll will now pass, heading to Oia, in front of the beautiful Anastasi Church, which still hides the amazing sunset. Let's go on...
Emporio, a less known jewel, with its maze of alleys in its oldest part
A big village on the road to the beach of Perissa. As seen from the main road, you'll find it uninteresting but it's a hidden jewel of Santorini. Take the time to stop and stroll in the maze of alleys of its oldest part, which is worth the detour!
Kamari, a long black sand beach lined up with taverns and bars
One of the main seaside destinations of Santorini, with a long black sand beach. There is ample parking in the immediate vicinity of the beach and taverns and bars line up along the entire waterfront.
Oia, perched on a vertiginous cliff, where crowds gather to watch the sunset
Perched on a vertiginous cliff like the capital Fira, Oia is without doubt the most photographed village in Santorini. Admiring the sunset from the ruins of the kastro is a must for any stay, but the omnipresent crowd spoils unfortunately the romantic side.
Perissa, one of the most popular seaside destinations
Perissa is one of Santorini's most popular seaside destinations, with its long black sand beach, many taverns and a magnificent church, at the foot of a steep mountain. For an impressive view, climb up to Panaghia Katefiani, the chapel nestled in the cliff... if you are not prone to vertigo!
Pyrgos Kallistis, the beautiful traditional village perched on a hill
Fira and Oia eclipse somehow the other villages of Santorini, and it would be a shame not to visit some of them! Perched on a hill, Pyrgos Kallistis is a pure jewel and you must definitely go for a stroll in its narrow streets and to enjoy its panoramas.
Red Beach, the famous beach at the foot of a red lava cliff
The most famous beach of Santorini, at the foot of its red cliff, a must for any visit to the island. Warning: it is a dangerous place, there are often falling rocks, so be careful!
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