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A short tour around the Castle of Vaas, House of the Cornalins (14 panoramas)
Situated just below the village of Flanthey, Vaas is a tiny hamlet that would go completely unnoticed were it not for a "castle", a fortified house whose origins are lost in the distant past. In the 16th century, it was the summer residence of the lords of Granges, a village whose access was difficult for several months of the year because of the meandering Rhône and the marshes.
Walk near the Raspille pyramids, between Sierre and Salgesch (53 panoramas)
The torrent of the Raspille, flowing from the glaciers of the Bernese Alps, carved out a pretty valley lined with vineyards and spectacular geological formations before ending its course in the Rhône.
Venthône, one of the Noble-Contrée winegrowing villages (59 panoramas)
The Castle of Venthône is one of the largest surviving Romanesque fortified houses in the Valais. Today, it is a cultural meeting place where numerous events are organised (exhibitions, shows, concerts, readings, conferences). Together with the adjoining church, it forms a characteristic silhouette of the vineyards overlooking the town of Sierre.
A large virtual tour of Leuk (109 panoramas)
Restored by the famous architect Mario Botta, the castle can be recognised from afar by the glass roof at the top of its early Romanesque tower (11th-13th centuries). A former episcopal residence, it has become a place of creative exchange and inspiration, straddling the past and the future.
A stroll through Réchy, a charming village in the commune of Chalais
Built in the early 16th century, converted in the 19th century and renovated in the early 21st century, this beautiful manor house has long been known as the "Castle of the Counts of Anniviers"... even though no count has ever lived there. Renovated between 2001 and 2010, it now houses a comfortable flat that can be rented for holidays in an unusual location.
Between the old Chalais Tower and the Vercorin cable car (23 panoramas)
Overlooking the small Kabaret theatre, three ruined sections of wall are all that remain of Chalais Castle, built in the 13th century and once home to the feudal Chalais family, the local lords. Visible from afar, the tower stands near the roundabout where Route de Noës ends, 300m from the cable car that climbs to Vercorin.
Some views of Champzabé, a tiny hamlet on the outskirts of Noës
This little road leads up to Corin, the winegrowing village overlooking Noës, on the road between Sierre and Crans-Montana. Our virtual stroll in Noës ends here, at the chapel of Sainte-Barbe in Champzabé, which we will of course enter.
Flanthey, in the land of Cornalin, the emblematic Valais grape variety (30 panoramas)
Built in 1914, the church of Flanthey was built on the site of a chapel dating from 1794, which had become too small. It is around this church that the village's 13 winegrowers organise the Temps du Cornalin ('Time of the Cornalin'), an annual event celebrating the oldest and most prestigious red grape of Valais.
From the center of Granges to the castle ruins (39 panoramas)
View of Granges church in its green setting. The path leading up to the castle ruins is just behind us, hidden behind a house. The ruins are nothing special, but the path is bucolic and the view superb.
Virtual tour of Muraz, one of the Anniviers villages of Sierre (48 panoramas)
In the mid-19th century, the Anniviards of Muraz had this church built at their own expense so that they could attend Mass in French, because at the time Sierre was still predominantly German-speaking, while the inhabitants of the Val d'Anniviers spoke a local variety of Arpitan, the Romance language formerly spoken in France, Switzerland and Italy.
The picturesque village of Vercorin (69 panoramas)
All that remains of the former church of Saint Boniface, consecrated in 1508, is the bell tower and the old choir. Listed as a historic monument, it is not open to the public. However, the new church next door, built between 1963 and 1964, is well worth a visit. Its unusual modern architecture and the stained glass windows of its Stations of the Cross are sure to impress.
Pfynwald, the largest pine forest of Switzerland (44 panoramas)
Before heading into this fairytale forest, take the time to climb this small hill to admire the scenery. Please note: the whole of the Bois de Finges (Pfynwald in German) is a fragile and protected biotope, so please follow all the safety and environmental protection instructions. Don't leave any rubbish, don't make any fires and don't leave the paths. Welcome to this unspoilt paradise!
The famous winegrowing village of Salgesch (37 panoramas)
The easiest way to visit the wine-growing village of Salquenen is to park your car next to the church of Saint John the Baptist. The centre of the village is just a stone's throw away, just follow the street that opens up opposite the main entrance to the church.
All around Lake Géronde, Sierre (83 panoramas)
This small lake on the outskirts of Sierre is a popular leisure area. Set between hills and vineyards, and freely accessible in summer as in winter, it's an ideal place to swim, stroll, do sport or just relax. A refreshment bar, restaurant and open-air swimming pool make this lake, with its almost phosphorescent waters, a small Riviera in the heart of Valais.
Lens, a large, authentic village with few tourists (88 panoramas)
A general view shot near the car park at the entrance to Lens on the road from Flanthey. To get to the village, you can follow a path along a small bisse (irrigation channel) that runs through the vegetable gardens.
Around the Castle of Morestel, in Grône (23 panoramas)
Built in the 16th century on the ruins of a 13th-century feudal castle, this castle cannot be visited. It is an elegant bourgeois house whose cellars house a carnotzet used for official receptions by the municipality and whose ground floor and upper floors are used as meeting rooms for the local authorities.
Ollon and its Wine Presses Way, an interesting educational trail (20 panoramas)
Unlike its famous namesake in the canton of Vaud, Ollon is a somewhat forgotten wine-growing village in the Valais, situated on a road that is not really a communication axis. It is known only for its "Chemin des Pressoirs", an interesting educational trail devoted to vines and wine.
Miège, one of the Noble-Contrée winegrowing villages (43 panoramas)
Here we are in the historic centre of Miège, opposite the church, which is not very old since it apparently dates back to 1853. If you follow the Street View arrows embedded in the panoramas, you can take a stroll through the narrow streets of the old village.
The old village of Montana, still unspoilt by mass tourism (36 panoramas)
Montana may have been at the origin of the development of the major tourist destination of Crans-Montana, but the village has stayed away from mass tourism and is still authentic and very quiet, almost asleep.
Noës, old Anniviers people pied-à-terre (132 panoramas)
Rue des Nomades climbs to the top of the hill, where a number of fine old houses are nestled. This is the historic heart of Noës, which has managed to retain its character in the midst of this hamlet that has become a residential suburb of Sierre. The contrast with Rue de Plantassage and the Rossfeld shopping area is striking!
Veyras, one of the Noble-Contrée winegrowing villages (72 panoramas)
This beautiful baroque chapel, built in 1676 and dedicated to Saint Francis of Assisi, stands right next to the museum dedicated to the painter Charles Clos Olsommer, which was being renovated when we shot the views in September 2023. Use the Street View arrows embedded in the panoramas to discover the 72 views we captured in Veyras!
Chermignon d´En-Haut, on the road to Montana-Crans (77 panoramas)
We've shot 77 panoramas of Chermignon d'En-Haut, from the stunning church of Saint-Georges to the heart of the old village. For now, you'll need to use the Street View arrows embedded in the panoramas to discover the whole virtual stroll...
Varen, a little-known winegrowing village producing excellent vintages (60 panoramas)
Overlooking the church of Maria Sieben Schmerzen ("Mary of the Seven Sorrows"), the Schachtuhubil viewpoint offers a magnificent panorama of the plain and mountains. The Rhône valley here has escaped industrialisation and urbanisation. This is the protected area of the Pfynwald, one of the largest pine forests in Central Europe.
In the heart of the old town of Sierre (24 panoramas)
Construction of the magnificent town hall of Sierre has begun around 1658 for Jean-François Courten, a captain in the Swiss Guards in the service of King Louis XIV. Extended over the centuries, this private mansion became the Grand-Hôtel Château-Bellevue at the end of the 19th century, a renowned establishment, before falling into decline following the First World War. Bought by the local council in 1964, it now has a new life as the town hall.
The Small Lakes of Sierre, nestling between Lake Géronde and the town centre (64 panoramas)
Between Lake Géronde and the centre of Sierre lie two small lakes surrounded by vineyards and gardens. Our virtual stroll takes you along the path around them. To discover the 64 views, use the StreetView arrows built into the panoramas.
Lake Pramont, an oasis off-limits to humans
Lake Pramont was created from a former gravel pit that was flooded and landscaped to develop biodiversity. The lake is off-limits to visitors, but there is an observation post with an information panel where you can get a glimpse of the lake and, with a bit of luck, see some of the biotope's inhabitants: kingfishers, herons, beavers, frogs, snakes, dragonflies and butterflies.
Lac de la Corne, an inviting place to relax
If you're looking for a bucolic spot to take a stroll or enjoy a spot of idleness, this little lake is for you! But don't get your hopes up for such a haven of tranquillity at summer weekends... as this panorama shows it during the week in spring.
Lac de la Brèche, just next to Lac de la Corne
From Lac de la Corne, you reach Lac de la Brèche along a path running through the forest between two areas occupied by the Sierre golf course. It's only on the eastern shore that the view of the lake becomes clear. It's a pleasant walk, but if you want to relax, we recommend you stay near Lac de la Corne.
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