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Aghii Anargyri, a beautiful church on the road connecting Kamares to Apollonia
This beautiful church is built on the road connecting the port of Kamares to Apollonia, the capital of the island. Nestled in the shade of tall trees, it's an ideal place for a meditative break.
Agia Marina, the little church facing Kamares
A beautiful chapel that stands on the first slopes of the mountain facing the port of Kamares. It offers a superb view of the beach and the bay.
Agios Prokopis, a small church on the road to Chrysopighi
A small chapel that stands on the road leading to Chrysopighi and Platis Ghialos. Nothing really extraordinary... except that, curiously, it opens on the landscape with large windows!
Agios Simeon, former monastery perched on the mountain above Kamares
The forecourt of this ancient monastery perched above Kamares is one of the most beautiful viewpoints of Sifnos. Don't hesitate to visit the church too, it's really magnificent!
Cheronissos, the tiny fishing port at the northern end of the island
The tiny fishing port north of Sifnos, at the bottom of a picturesque bay. A small sandy beach, taverns on the waterfront, small grocery store, rooms for rent. No mobile network, total tranquility, the perfect place to disconnect from the world!
The famous monastery of Chrysopighi on its rocky promontory
The most famous monastery of Sifnos, between the popular seaside resorts of Platis Ghialos and Faros. The beautiful beach of Apokofto and its taverns are just next door. The monastery and its church stand on a peninsula that offers exceptional views.
Vathi, its beach and its beautiful church of Taxiarches
The Church of Taxiarches, emblematic of Vathi, is as beautiful outside as inside. If the door is open, do not miss to enter! There are 3 major events taking place every year, on July 12, September 5 and November 7.
Faros, a small fishing port with beautiful beaches
As everywhere in the Cyclades, it is outside of July and August that you will enjoy your stay the most. In mid-May 2019, we had the impression of having Faros just for ourselves... Lovely!
The fortified village of Kastro, ancient capital of Sifnos
The ancient capital of Sifnos is the most picturesque village of the island. It stands on a hill overlooking the Chapel of the Seven Martyrs (Eptamartyres), one of the most photographed places in the Cyclades. Its alleys inlaid with ancient remains invite to romantic walks.
The hill of Agios Andreas and its ancient Mycenaean acropolis
We recommend of course to discover Agios Andreas during springtime, when millions of flowers invade the entire archaeological site!
Kamares, the port of Sifnos, at the bottom of a spectacular bay
We are here west of the pier, where we have a breathtaking view of the virtuoso maneuvers of ferries. A little further, we will go up to a path leading to the old tower that catched our eye just before disembarking...
Apollonia, capital of Sifnos, and its countless churches
Our 360° stroll goes in front of Rambagas Square, a welcome detour to admire a superb view of the mountains to the west.
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