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The beautiful church of Agia Paraskevi, overlooking Ermoupoli
Built in 1600, renovated in 1792 and enlarged in 1873, the church Agia Paraskevi is private but it is possible to visit it. Nestled in the greenery in the mountains above Ermoupoli, it belongs to a shipowner. Curiously enough, it is not very well known but it is worth a visit.
The church of Agios Dimitrios, which greets the ships arriving at the port
In 1936, a resident of Ermoupoli had a vision that led to the discovery of an icon of Saint Dimitrios. The beautiful Byzantine style church of Agios Dimitrios was built on the site of the discovery, to welcome the boats arriving on the island. Since then, the ships arriving or leaving the port sound their siren when passing by and the priest answers them by ringing the bells.
Agios Georgios, the big Catholic church crowning the hill of Ano Syros
Seen from afar, Agios Georgios looks like a fortress but inside it is magnificent. These panoramas will undoubtedly feed a desire to visit this Catholic church in the real world!
The hamlet that gave its name to the famous San Michalis cheese
The small church of Agios Mihail is very simple, without much embellishment. It is its location and simplicity that make it so charming.
Alithini and its spectacular view of Ermoupoli and Ano Syros
There is nothing special about the village of Alithini, except that it offers extraordinary plunging views to Ermoupoli and Ano Syros. It is also the starting point of the road leading up to the beautiful church of Agia Paraskevi.
The church of Analipseos, on Cape Kremasti north of Azolimnos
The door of the church is open, we will of course take the opportunity to enter before continuing the stroll.
The amazing Miaoulis Square, in front of the majestic townhall of Ermoupoli
Andreas "Miaoulis" Vokos (1769-1835), born in a family of shipowners, was an admiral and politician who commanded Greek naval forces during the Greek War of Independence. His nickname comes from "Miaoul", the name of the merchant ship he bought after selling the family ship.
Azolimnos Beach and its crystalline waters on the east coast
Before showing you some panoramas shot on the beach, we will of course go and admire the view from the pier.
Finikas, a nice seaside destination on the west coast
Fine sand, crystal-clear waters, shady spots, good restaurants, what more could you ask for?
Galissas, probably the most famous beach in Syros
Let's enjoy the beach while it is deserted, the season is over, the umbrellas have been taken down, but the water is still warm... All the panoramas of the beach were shot at the beginning of October, the July-August crowds are long gone...
The beautiful beach of Komito near Poseidonia
A beautiful golden sandy beach, crystal clear waters, a few umbrellas, a small bar... a real little paradise near Poseidonia, south-west of Syros.
Lotos Beach, south of Kini Bay
Shaded and sheltered from the wind, Lotos Beach offers crystal clear waters. Our virtual stroll was shot in October, when it had become almost deserted again...
Panagia Gorgona, the emblematic fountain of Kini
Fountain and statue of Panagia Gorgona (Virgin Mary the Mermaid), emblematic spot of Kini appearing on all souvenir photos and postcards.
The port and the marina of Finikas, sheltered from the meltemi
Even out of season, the marina of Finikas welcomes many sailing ships, as you can see in this panorama shot in May 2019.
The beautiful sheltered beach of Vari, on the south coast
We start this short virtual stroll on the road along the north side of the bay. This is the vision you will have when you arrive by the coast road from Megas Gialos, further west.
Poseidonia, the small town with beautiful neo-classical residences
Built in 1916, Villa Tsiropina is a fine example of the neo-classical architecture that can be seen in Poseidonia. Located in the heart of a large, freely accessible park, it was bought by the municipality in 2000 and then restored. It is now used as a town hall and cultural centre, occasionally hosting exhibitions, theatre performances, lectures, conferences and other cultural events.
The beach of Voulgari, at the gates of Poseidonia, on the west coast
The beautiful beach of Voulgari is located along the road that connects the seaside resort of Finikas to the large village of Poseidonia (formerly named Delagratsia).
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