Sierre Region

The town of Sierre has proclaimed itself the Swiss wine capital, a rather worthy title given that it boasts a Museum of Vines and Wine and a wine trail linking it to neighbouring Salquenen (Salgesch), another wine-growing Mecca.

Sierre and its region boast an exceptional amount of sunshine: 300 days a year! It's a highly popular leisure and holiday destination, with countless attractions in both summer and winter.

For the moment, only the village of Noës is presented as a full virtual stroll. The other locations display a selection of 2 or 3 beautiful views, and you can discover the whole stroll thanks to the Street View arrows integrated into the panoramas.

In July 2023, our 360° travel guide relocated from Montreux to Noës, just outside Sierre. This new section will be expanded as we continue to explore this beautiful region.

Another new section, dedicated to Val d'Anniviers, is also being created.

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