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Agia Thalassini Church
Standing on its reef, one of the prettiest churches in Chora!
Agia Varvara Church
A last little church on a tiny square before arriving on the beautiful Unknown Sailor Esplanade facing the ruins of the kastro.
Agios Georgios Church
A large church in the heart of the old town of Chora, on the street leading to the end of the promontory.
Girokomeiou Square
Along this large square is the retirement home and hospital of Chora with, on the other side of the building, the health center and the KTEL bus station. The taxi stand is at the end of the square.
The chapel above Agia Thalassini
A magnificent view of the picturesque little church of Agia Thalassini.
The small church near the bus station
This pretty little church surrounded by a very small park stands just opposite the KTEL bus station.
Unknown Sailor Statue
At the end of the promontory of Chora, the statue of the Unknown Sailor stands on a beautiful esplanade and salutes the ruins of the old kastro.
View of the kastro
Almost inaccessible, the ruins of an old kastro stand on an islet in front of the Unknown Sailor Esplanade. The only passage is the arch you see on this panorama...
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