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Arnen Dam (1)
There is nothing impressive about the Arnen dam, a simple embankment dam built in 1942. It is the lake it holds that makes all the charm of this place which invites you to go hiking.
Arnen Dam (2)
The dam holds the small Arnon lake (Arnensee), at 1542 m altitude, in a preserved nature. 1.5 km long, you can go all around it, partly in the forest and partly on the shore. The road to the lake starts in Feutersoey, above Gstaad.
Road to Feutersoey
The narrow access road starts from Feutersoey, above Gstaad, and leads here. It is private and subject to a charge (CHF5.00 including parking) and is open from May to October. There are also parking spaces on the other side of the dam.
Start of east shore trail
The road leading to Lake Arnen stops in the vicinity of the restaurant. Behind us, it goes up to the small campsite, lined with a number of parking spaces. In front of us starts the path that goes around the lake, first through the forest on the eastern shore.
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