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Bettmerstafel (1)
There is about 1km to the bottom station of the gondola lift which climbs up to the Bettmerhorn, with a fairly gentle slope (50-60m difference in height). But you won't regret the walk!
Bettmerstafel (2)
The mountain you can see in the distance is the Bettmerhorn, which rises to 2858m. The gondola lift will take you just below the summit at 2647m.
Bettmerstafel (3)
We arrive at one of the most beautiful panoramas in the entire region, the Maria zum Schnee chapel, perched on its rocky ridge.
Bettmerstafel (4)
We will of course make a little diversion to go and admire the chapel more closely!
Bettmerstafel (5)
Let's continue through the village, where there is no shortage of hotels, restaurants and caf├ęs.
Bettmerstafel (6)
We still enjoy the extraordinary view of the Maria zum Schnee Chapel against the backdrop of high mountains!
Bettmerstafel (7)
The climb continues, always on a gentle slope. We are about half way up...
Maria zum Schnee Chapel
The chapel of "Mary in the Snow" is a landmark in Bettmeralp, perched on a rocky ridge and visible from afar. It was built in 1697 and legend has it that its name recalls miraculous snowfalls during the month of August.
Path to the chapel (1)
The chapel of "Mary in the Snow", built in 1697, is the most emblematic place in Bettmeralp.
Path to the chapel (2)
Before turning right on the path leading up to the chapel, take a look at the chalet on the left, which is the oldest in Bettmeralp.
Path to the chapel (3)
Proudly standing on its small eminence, the Maria zum Schnee Chapel is undoubtedly the most photographed building in Bettmeralp.
Path to the chapel (4)
Before entering the chapel, let's have a look at the superb panoramic view!
Top Station Bettmeralp
The cable car to Bettmeralp departs from Betten Talstation in the valley, where we have not shot panoramas. Follow the road in the direction of the Maria zum Schnee chapel to get to the Bettmerhorn cable car, 1200m from here.
Tourist Office
We pass in front of the information point at the tourist office, where you will find everything you need to make the most of your excursion or stay.
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