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Bevernec Alp
The Fonvillaz Road, which you can see on the left, continues to the village of Les Haudères following the river bank. You will be there in half an hour but our stroll ends (or begins) here, in this superb alpine landscape.
Bridge over Borgne River
We didn't shoot any panoramas between the village of Evolène and this bridge over the river Borgne, but you will find it very easily. Cross the bridge, go left and you will have a very nice walk along the river and in the forest.
Fonvillaz Road (1)
On Google Maps it is called Route de Fonvillaz but according to Swisstopo (Federal Office of Topography) it is Route de Lothréc. It leads from Evolène to the village of Les Haudères by the left bank of the Borgne river.
Fonvillaz Road (2)
Our virtual stroll does not take you as far as the village of Les Haudères, but offers you the chance to walk a little way, through mountain pastures and forests.
Fonvillaz Road (3)
On this alpine pasture, you will not see cows, sheep or second homes. We are in the protected area of the Lotrey alluvial zone, a biotope of national importance, in a landscape shaped by the dynamics of the river.
Fonvillaz Road (4)
The Fonvillaz Road is not a real road, it is in some places just a track that crosses the mountain pastures. It is of course strictly forbidden to traffic and as you walk along it you will be pleased that these landscapes are well protected!
Fonvillaz Road (5)
An idyllic landscape, isn't it? But don't expect to be able to go down to the river to dip your feet in it or to sit down for a picnic. Don't worry: further on, in the forest, you'll find a place perfectly equipped for a barbecue!
Fonvillaz Road (6)
Here we arrive at the edge of the Zau Derri forest, which will offer us shade and beautiful views of the river, still in a wild landscape.
Picnic Spot
The path widens to form a small clearing where everything is provided for you to have a picnic. The river is juste below but beware, a sign warns of flash floods in the event of a storm further up the mountain.
Quetse Bridge
On the other side of the bridge over the Borgne, you can either go back up to the main road or take another bucolic path that will allow you to go to Evolène along the right bank of the river.
Zau Derri Forest (1)
Good to know: even if the path crosses the shadow of the forest and wild landscapes, the walk is very easy, with a ridiculous difference in altitude. Ideal for a family walk involving all generations!
Zau Derri Forest (2)
In some places you have great views of the river. Our shots were taken in July, well after the snow had melted, the Borgne is not very impressive but beware, a storm can suddenly make it grow and become dangerous!
Zau Derri Forest (3)
The well-maintained path leads through the bucolic forest where the mid-afternoon light creates a truly magical atmosphere.
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