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Grimsel Mountain Pass
Hotels, restaurants, numerous parking spaces, countless hiking possibilities in wild nature... the Grimsel Pass has everything to please lovers of spectacular mountain landscapes!
Grimsel Pass (Bern side)
View of Lake Grimsel from the Bernese side of the mountain pass. Located at an altitude of 1908m, this artificial lake of 101 million m3 is held back by 2 dams of 42m and 114m high, completed in 1932.
Grimsel Pass (Wallis/Valais side)
View of the valley from the Wallis/Valais side of the mountain pass road. At the bottom of the valley flows the Rhône and, opposite, we see the Furka pass road, which climbs towards the Rhône glacier.
Road to motorhome parking
This road leads to a tiny motorhome area which overlooks the small Totensee dam. The fear of having to drive back in reverse will dissuade you from going... and you will be right!
Totensee (Lake of the Dead)
Duke Berthold V of Zähringen, founder of the city of Bern, attempted to conquer Upper Valais with an army of 13,000 men. In 1211, after the battle of Ulrichen, the 800 surviving soldiers were pursued by the Valaisans, captured and drowned in the lake.
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