You can start the virtual stroll at the place of your choice by selecting a key location from the list below.
Adamas Art Space
Just before reaching the street (where we'll turn left to go to Agios Haralambos Church), we pass the entrance of the vast anti-aircraft shelter dug under the hill by the Nazis during World War II. It has become an art gallery, open seasonally from 7pm till midnight.
Around the church (1)
You will not find a spectacular panoramic viewpoint around Agios Haralambos Church, but you will enjoy a bit of coolness as you cross the small shaded park.
Around the church (2)
A beautiful view of the church of Agios Haralambos. To right, our virtual stroll goes through the park and down to the seafront. To left, it goes to the beaches of Lagada and Fragkomnimata.
Around the church (3)
Towards west, a small street goes towards Lagada Beach, where our virtual stroll will now take you quietly...
Around the hill (1)
Stroll along the hill and go up to discover the church of Agios Haralambos, walk towards the beaches of Lagada and Fragkomnimata, follow the seafront to the port and the city center... the choice is yours!
Around the hill (2)
Our virtual stroll goes along the west side of Adamas Hill to the stairs climbing to Agios Haralambos Church, on top of the hill.
Around the hill (3)
During Germany's occupation of Milos in World War II, the Nazis prepared the invasion of Crete by digging a complex of anti-aircraft shelters under Adamas Hill, of which we still see some access.
Ferry Dock
All ferries arrive and depart from this pier. When disembarking, you have the city to your right and, to the left, you arrive at the nice beach of Lagada, quite close.
Fragkomnimata Beach
To the west of Adamas, our virtual stroll ends at this quiet beach, unequipped, near the abandoned French military cemetery. Some shade, crystal-clear water, magnificent view of Adamas...
Lagada Beach (1)
Lagada Beach is close to the city. Beyond, our stroll takes you to Fragkomnimata Beach. You can also go around the hill to Lakkos Thermal Springs, or go to the crossroads then go north to climb to the church or go to the harbor along the seafront.
Lagada Beach (2)
Lagada Beach is the closest to the city. As it is not very large, do not expect to find it deserted... The panoramas of our virtual stroll were shot at the beginning of May, out of season!
Lagada Beach (3)
At the end of Lagada Beach, you can continue along the shore to a small pier, or take the path to the nice little beach of Fragkomnimata, less than 500 m away.
Lagada Beach (4)
Do not hesitate to continue the stroll to this small pier, where you will have a magnificent panoramic view of the beach and of Adamas.
Lakkos Hot Springs
Already mentioned in the works of Hippocrates (460-377 BC), the hot springs of Lakkos are the only ones in Milos to be exploited for therapeutic purposes. It is only open from July 15th to October 15th.
Over the hill (1)
The street is not picturesque even though, just before reaching the alley that goes up to the church, you pass an official building that does not lack architectural interest.
Over the hill (2)
Here we are at the bottom of the shaded park below Agios Haralambos Church. A last small climb and we will arrive on the esplanade.
Over the hill (3)
Here we are at the top of the western stairway. On one side you can see the end of Lagada Beach and on the other you can see the dome of Agios Haralambos Church.
Passenger Entrance
On departure, you will of course find a shaded area to wait for the ferry.
Port of Adamas
The port of Milos is a few hundred meters from the center of Adamas (east) and from Lagada Beach (west).
Sea Front Promenade (1)
West of the port, the seafront promenade offers beautiful views of Lagada Beach and in the distance you can see the mountains of the wild side of the island.
Sea Front Promenade (2)
The road along the seafront serves as access to the port and to a large parking lot often very crowded.
Sea Front Promenade (3)
It's a very nice stroll... provided there is not a line of trucks parked to wait for boarding a ferry!
Sea Front Promenade (4)
We were very lucky when we made these shots... No vehicles on the access road to the pier!
Sea Front Promenade (5)
The city center is on the right when you disembark, just follow the sea front. If you need help to organize your stay, the friendly travel agency Sea Sun Sophia awaits you on the other side of the road.
Sea Front Promenade (6)
We are getting closer to the fishermen's pier and the marina. On the hill, we see the top of the bell tower of Agios Haralambos Church. Cross the road to go and explore the hill!
Sea Front Promenade (7)
Taverns, cafes and bars line up all along the seaside promenade, just across the road. On this side of town, there is no terrace at the water edge.
South Stairway
The hill is not very high, the stairs are not steep, the climb is easy and pleasant when the shadows are stretching out.
Taxis Station and Tourist Info
Right in front of the harbor, you will find tourist information during the summer, and when ferries arrive, you can also take a taxi here. (The main taxi rank is on Adamas' Main Square.)
To the hill (southern access)
Our virtual stroll now takes you to Adamas Hill, towards the beautiful church of Agios Haralambos. Go between the café terraces and up the stairs!
To the hill (western access)
If it is not too hot, go up these stairs to climb to the church of Agios Haralambos and its small shady park. But during heatwave, go back to the beach!
Track to Fragkomnimata (1)
To reach the beach of Fragkomnimata, the path starts by a gentle slope, offering superb panoramic views of Adamas and the bay of Milos.
Track to Fragkomnimata (2)
After a short climb, the path descends to the sea and a beautiful view opens on the beach of Fragkomnimata.
Track to Fragkomnimata (3)
The road is not paved but perfectly drivable. Unfortunately, Fragkomnimata is not a secret beach...
Track to Fragkomnimata (4)
We arrive near the abandoned French military cemetery, where rested the bodies of soldiers and sailors who died during the Crimean expedition (1853-1856) and the First World War (1914-1918).
West Stairway (1)
The hill of Adamas is not very high, the climb is not too arduous outside the periods of heatwave. During springtime, the show of the hill in full bloom is superb!
West Stairway (2)
To discover the hill of Adamas invaded by flowers, you have of course to visit Milos during springtime. This part of our virtual stroll was shot during the first week of May 2019.
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