You can start the virtual stroll at the place of your choice by selecting a key location from the list below.
Alley to Semiramis (1)
The lane leading to Hotel Semiramis starts here, right in front of Hotel Dionysis. You follow it for a few tens of meters and you arrive at one of the quietest hotels of Adamas!
Alley to Semiramis (2)
This leg of our virtual stroll ends here, near Hotel Semiramis. The welcome desk is on the alley, while the adjacent passage leads to the shaded garden and the rooms. Excellent hospitality and very good prices!
Fisherman Pier (1)
A spectacular view of the bright blue shades of Milos Bay!
Fisherman Pier (2)
To the east of Adamas, our virtual stroll ends on this fisherman's pier, the last one before the beach of Papikinou. You are 4000 yards from the port of Adamas and a beautiful shady beach awaits you!
Heroes Alley (1)
This pedestrian alley passing in front of the friendly Yankos Café apparently does not really have a name... We named it in honor of the nearby monument!
Heroes Alley (2)
To reach the marina from the alley that passes in front of Café Yankos, you can go through the small "Heroes' Square". Continuing east, you will stroll towards Papikinou Beach.
Heroes Square
The stroll goes through this small nameless square where stands the monument "to the Heroes" (Ηρώον), dedicated to the sailors and soldiers of Adamas who died as heroes. Thanks to Andreas Belivanakis for informing us about the name of this monument!
Main Square (1)
Here we are in the center of Adamas, in the big bustling square where you will find the taxi rank, buses, shops and cafes. North of the square are the roads that lead to villages perched on the heights and to the east and south of Milos.
Main Square (2)
At the top of Adamas' Main Square, straight ahead, the road leads to the island's capital, Plaka, and the picturesque villages of Trypiti and Klima, among others. The road to the right leads to the east and south of Milos.
Marina Pier
A small detour on a very windy day on the pier of the marina to admire the fishing boats and see Adamas from a different angle.
Milos Mining Museum
Like Santorini, Milos is a volcanic island but here, this particular geology has allowed intensive use of mineral resources. This museum explains everything!
Road to Plaka (1)
The road to Plaka is lined with shops where you will find everything you need. Our virtual stroll will end shortly after this crossroads, and show you two of our favorite hotels.
Road to Plaka (2)
Here we are in front of Hotel Dionysis, which we recommend. On the other side of the road, an alley leads to Hotel Semiramis, which belongs to the same family. These two hotels are among our favorites in Milos!
Sea Front Promenade (10)
A cruise to the most spectacular places of the wild coasts of Milos is a must of any stay on the island. The cruises are not all the same, find out the details before making your choice!
Sea Front Promenade (11)
Here we are in front of the main square of Adamas, the most lively place in the city. Continuing along the waterfront, we will soon find taverns with terraces at the edge of the water.
Sea Front Promenade (12)
At the end of the quay, the passage is a bit tricky and, to continue the stroll towards the beach of Papikinou, we will go now through the small "Heroes' Square"...
Sea Front Promenade (13)
Here we are on the seaside promenade to the east of Adamas, which will join and follow the road that leads to the island's old capital, Zefiria, to the airport and to the southern beaches of Milos.
Sea Front Promenade (14)
The stroll will now join the main road that connects Adamas to Zefiria, to the airport and to the beaches of Southern Milos. In spite of the incessant traffic, the walk remains pleasant and will make you discover excellent taverns.
Sea Front Promenade (15)
Our virtual stroll continues along the waterfront, towards the beach of Papikinou. We arrive now at a series of taverns that have large terraces at the water's edge.
Sea Front Promenade (16)
On the seafront east of the city center, the taverns line up, all with terraces at the edge of the water. Our virtual stroll passes here in front of a very good traditional restaurant, Trapatselis, that we recommend.
Sea Front Promenade (17)
The stroll passes here in front of Navagio, another good restaurant with terrace overlooking the sea. The best tables, right at the water's edge, are of course to be reserved in advance!
Sea Front Promenade (18)
Our virtual stroll will soon end, after going along the last taverns which have shaded terraces at the edge of the water.
Sea Front Promenade (19)
Just before ending (temporarily), our virtual stroll passes in front of one of the best fish restaurants of Adamas, Mikros Apoplous, where you will always be welcome and where you will taste only fresh fish.
Sea Front Promenade (20)
To the east of Adamas, our virtual stroll ended here in 2018, just after the long series of seaside taverns. In spring 2019, we extended it towards Papikinou Beach, which starts at a few hundred meters.
Sea Front Promenade (21)
Before arriving at Papikinou Beach, we'll soon pass a series of fishing piers... The fish you just ate probably comes from there!
Sea Front Promenade (22)
For panoramic views of Milos Bay, do not hesitate to venture on the fishermen's wharves!
Sea Front Promenade (23)
A magical and surprising place where you will enjoy sitting for a moment to admire these creations and meditate in front of the blue of the bay.
Sea Front Promenade (24)
Our virtual stroll now passes in front of the Milos Mining Museum, a fascinating museum that unveils all about the geology of Milos.
Sea Front Promenade (25)
Throughout the stroll, you will find here and there benches or shady walls where you can sit and admire the crystal clear waters of the bay.
Sea Front Promenade (26)
Here we are at the beginning of the long, shady Papikinou Beach. It's time to think about protecting yourself from mosquitoes, which are often very aggressive in Milos!
Sea Front Promenade (27)
Along Papikinou, our virtual stroll ends for the moment here, before the equipped part of the beach. You can now have a last panoramic view from the pier...
Sea Front Promenade (8)
The stroll passes here in front of the marina pier, where we will of course make a small detour to admire the fishing boats.
Sea Front Promenade (9)
Just after the marina pier, all boats proposing excursions to the spectacular coastline of the island line up. We pass here in front of the small boat of Milos Fishing Trip, which offers cruises combining fishing and swimming.
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