You can start the virtual stroll at the place of your choice by selecting a key location from the list below.
Aghia Paraskevi Church
Our virtual stroll does not fail to visit the beautiful church of Pollonia, Aghia Paraskevi ("Saint Friday"), bathed in the light.
Alley to Piso Paralia (1)
To the east of the village there is a small, lesser-known beach, which you can access either by following the seafront promenade or by going through this alley.
Alley to Piso Paralia (2)
The alley that leads east of the seafront is dead-end, but at the end you go down a few steps and you are just a stone's throw from Piso Paralia, the "back beach".
Church Esplanade (1)
The church of Aghia Paraskevi stands in the middle of a large esplanade that offers a breathtaking view of the sea.
Church Esplanade (2)
The church esplanade offers panoramic views of the sea, with the island of Kimolos just opposite and, further to the east, the deserted island of Polyaigos.
Church Esplanade (3)
After walking around the esplanade, our stroll returns to the main door of the church. If you have not entered yet, now is the time to visit!
Church Street (1)
From the main street of the village, an alley leads to the church of Aghia Paraskevi and its large esplanade, from where you will have a superb panoramic view of the sea.
Church Street (2)
On the alley that leads to the church of Aghia Paraskevi, small passages descend to the seafront and the taverns. Here, the passage leads near Rifaki restaurant.
Church Street (3)
On the alley that leads to the church of Aghia Paraskevi, another passage descends to the seafront and arrives at a stone's throw from the Kimolos ferry pier.
Kimolos Ferry Dock
One day or another, we will embark here for Kimolos, an island that we have never visited yet, even if we have shot a lot of photos from the ferries passing by...
Piso Paralia
This small beach is on the east side of the village, at the very end of the seafront promenade. It does not really have a name and locals call it simply "the back beach".
Pollonia Beach (1)
In this first version, our virtual stroll begins (or stops) here, on the large beach of the village. It will take you all along the waterfront to the small beach located east of the promontory.
Pollonia Beach (2)
The long sandy beach of the village is shaded and there is a large car park nearby, just across the road.
Pollonia Beach (3)
Our virtual stroll is now approaching the village and the many restaurants and cafes that line the seafront.
Pollonia Beach (4)
Here we are at the end of the beach and if you want to have a drink or a meal, you are spoiled for choice!
Seafront Promenade (1)
We can now walk along the waterfront and the lined-up cafes and restaurants, and we can also take a passage that leads to the church.
Seafront Promenade (2)
As we stroll along the waterfront, we take the opportunity to visit Rifaki, a very good restaurant that offers a terrace directly overlooking the beach.
Seafront Promenade (3)
Just before reaching the pier of the Kimolos ferry shuttle, an alley to the right climbs directly to the Aghia Paraskevi church esplanade.
Seafront Promenade (4)
It is from this pier that the small ferry shuttle connects Milos and Kimolos. Schedules are posted on the small kiosk you see on the right.
Seafront Promenade (5)
Our virtual stroll passes below the esplanade of the church, turns and heads south, towards the small beach nicknamed Piso Paralia ("the back beach").
Seafront Promenade (6)
East of the village, the panoramic view of the sea is amazing, with Kimolos to the left, Polyaigos just opposite, Cape Pilonissi and the "back beach" to the right.
Seafront Promenade (7)
Our virtual stroll is coming to an end. Still a few dozen meters and we shall arrive at the nameless beach that locals know as "the back beach". To the right, a passage leads to the main street of the village.
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