You can start the virtual stroll at the place of your choice by selecting a key location from the list below.
Alley to Orthodox Cathedral
Part of the agora of the capital of Naxos during the Mycenaean era (1300 BC) was excavated in front of the Orthodox Cathedral and some remains can be seen along the path.
Below Glezos Tower
In the past, the kastro probably had 12 towers, and the Crispi (or Glezos) Tower is the only one that still stands today. It can be visited because it hosts the Byzantine Museum, according to the wishes of the last owners, the Glezos family.
Fontana (old well)
Just a short walk to the end of the alley to admire the old well that gave its name to the Fontana district. To the left, you reach the main road, to the right you get lost in the old town.
Into the maze (1)
Our stroll will now go into the labyrinth of alleys of the old town, and try to reach Old Market Street... We do not guarantee that you will not get lost!
Into the maze (2)
Here we are at the entrance of the old town, to which we turn our backs at the moment. Our virtual walk will get a bit lost... On one side, you will go to Old Market Street, on the other you will climb towards the kastro.
Mitropolis Square
During the 1980s, excavations under the square uncovered the ruins of the Mycenaean city of Grotta, capital of Naxos in 1300 BC. The remains are visible in this "On-site Archaeological Museum" in front of the Orthodox Cathedral.
Old Market Street (1)
Here we are at the entrance to Old Market Street, the busiest alley in the old town of Chora, lined with shops and taverns.
Old Market Street (2)
Along Old Market Street you will not be able to escape the crowds unless you go for a walk early in the morning when the shops just open.
Old Market Street (3)
The stroll passes here in front of an excellent traditional tavern, Lucullus, one of the oldest of Chora. The food is tasty and there are regular acoustic gigs of Greek music. Get in, the decor is worth the detour!
Old Market Street (4)
Tiny squares, crowded alleys and vaulted passageways make all the charm of Old Market Street, one of the must-see tours of any stay in Naxos.
Old Market Street (5)
Our virtual stroll shows you Old Market Street around 10:30 am, shortly after the opening of the shops and just before the opening of the taverns for lunch. The ideal moment to walk there!
Orthodox Cathedral
The big Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral Zoodochos Pighi surprises with its unusual green domes. Opposite, a large square hosts archaeological vestiges dating from the Mycenaean era.
Palatia Islet Jetty
A jetty connects the islet of Palatia, where the Portara stands, to the town of Chora. In case of strong wind, the waves sweep it and make the island almost inaccessible.
Port of Naxos
All ferries of the main lines arrive and depart from this jetty, with the exception of the Little Cyclades ferry, which departs from the nearby marina jetty.
Portara - Palatia Islet (1)
Here we are at the Portara, emblematic monument of Naxos. Our virtual stroll crosses it and goes around the ruins to allow you to discover this unfinished Temple of Apollo from all angles.
Portara - Palatia Islet (2)
A path goes around the ruins of this Temple of Apollo which has remained unfinished since 530 BC. Here we see the portico from a south-north angle, passing by the left of the sanctuary.
Portara - Palatia Islet (3)
From the other side of the ruins, we have a superb view of Chora, which kastro and old town can be seen through the monumental portico. (All shots were made in the morning, to escape the crowd.)
Portara - Palatia Islet (4)
For all visitors to Naxos, the Portara is definitely a must to watch the sunset. It is without a doubt one of the most photographed places of all the Cyclades!
Portara - Palatia Islet (5)
To avoid depredations, the perimeter of the temple has been fenced and access is in principle prohibited. For the purposes of the virtual stroll, we allowed ourselves to enter... Thank you for not imitating us!
Promenade to Portara
Our virtual stroll goes now towards the Portara, the monumental portico of an unfinished temple where all visitors to Naxos gather to admire the sunset.
Protopapadaki Promenade (1)
The stroll passes in front of the promenade lined with taverns and cafes, where we will make some incursions from the seaside. Following the main road, we go and discover the district of Fontana and the Orthodox Cathedral.
Protopapadaki Square
Between the seafront and the promenade lined with taverns, a large square becomes in the evening one of the most lively places in Chora. The alley that opens opposite the sea leads into the labyrinth of the old town.
Sea Front Promenade (1)
Our virtual stroll follows the seafront, passing in front of the islet of Panaghia Mirtidiotissa and along the entire marina. Crossing the road, you reach the Protopapadaki Promenade, lined with innumerable taverns, cafes and bars.
Sea Front Promenade (2)
The stroll passes in front of the islet where stands the Panaghia Mirtidiotissa. You will see this beautiful little church from a distance since it is only accessible by boat, but with a little luck you will see it crowded when there is a wedding.
Sea Front Promenade (3)
The stroll passes here in front of the jetty of the Small Cyclades Lines and of various excursion boats. Caution: all the ferries of the main lines leave from the nearby big jetty!
Small Cyclades Jetty
It is from this pier that depart some excursion boats and the Express Skopelitis, the ferry of the Small Cyclades Lines, which serves Iraklia, Schinoussa, Ano Koufonissi, Donoussa and Amorgos.
Taxi & Bus Stations
The bus and taxi stations are located on the large square facing the main jetty of the port.
To Market Street (1)
The old town of Chora is a maze of alleys in which you will get lost for sure, but you will have a lot of fun to stroll around, going from surprise to surprise.
To Market Street (2)
This maze of alleys has never been mapped on Google Maps and our virtual stroll is a world premiere. We shall of course extend it during our next trips...
To the kastro (1)
The climb to the kastro begins with a gently sloping lane lined with shops, where you could still believe to be walking along Old Market Street.
To the kastro (2)
Just like in Old Market Street, you can get lost in countless alleys. In this first version of the virtual stroll, we just go gently up to the kastro...
To the kastro (3)
The slope is now a little steeper, a few more steps and we'll arrive at the foot of the kastro, just below Bazeos Tower, the only round tower that remains of the ancient citadel.
To the kastro (4)
We are still climbing to the kastro, which gate opens at the top of the stairs. For a low-angle view of the Glazeos Tower, follow the left lane for about ten meters.
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