You can start the virtual stroll at the place of your choice by selecting a key location from the list below.
Ariadnis Street (1)
Here we are at the bottom of Ariadnis Street, which goes towards the beach of Aghios Georgios. A little further on the left you see Sokratous Papavasiliou Street which goes up towards the modern part of Chora.
Ariadnis Street (2)
At the top of the small acclivity of Ariadnis Street you will find a large free public parking. Going up Sokratous Papavasiliou Street you will find on your right a street that goes towards Court Square.
Ariadnis Street (3)
Our stroll passes in front of the entrance of Barozzi, a luxurious restaurant with sophisticated decoration. Do not hesitate to enter, you will not regret the visit!
Ariadnis Street (4)
Ariadnis Street continues towards the beach of Aghios Giorgos, along a large free public parking. Crossing the street and going along the terrace of Barozzi Restaurant, there is a passage that goes down to the seaside.
Passage to Ariadnis Street
Along the terrace of Barozzi Restaurant, a pedestrian passage connects Ariadnis Street and the seaside promenade.
Sea Front Promenade (10)
Our virtual stroll continues to the beach and passes at the foot of stairs that go up to a large free public parking, the Barozzi Restaurant and Ariadnis Street.
Sea Front Promenade (11)
Straight ahead, the one-way street continues towards the Town Hall and the beach of Aghios Georgios along the waterfront. On the left, a street goes up towards the free public parking.
Sea Front Promenade (12)
Look at the riprap along the road: many rocks are massive blocks of marble, which gives you an idea of the wealth of the deposits of Naxos...
Sea Front Promenade (13)
The big building overlooking the road is the Naxos Town Hall. Between the two is an esplanade where stands a modern replica of an ancient sphinx.
Sea Front Promenade (14)
The staircase on the left goes up to the esplanade of the sphinx. The one on the right climbs to Ariadnis Street, which passes in front of the Town Hall and goes to the beach of Aghios Giorgos.
Sea Front Promenade (15)
Oriented to the north, this part of the stroll gets spectacular in strong winds. Take the time to stop, watch the waves and admire the infinite shades of blue!
Sea Front Promenade (16)
The road turns to the beach of Aghios Giorgos, quite close now. On foot, the distance between the port and the beach is only about 1000 meters. By car, it's a little longer and above all more complicated!
Sea Front Promenade (4)
Many sailboats offering cruises line up along the waterfront and the marina offers a constantly renewed show.
Sea Front Promenade (5)
The Protopapadaki Promenade and its innumerable taverns are just across the road. The virtual stroll passes here in front of Mezé2 (or Mezé Mezé), an excellent restaurant that we recommend.
Sea Front Promenade (6)
Throughout the waterfront, many benches invite you to relax and take a break to observe the coming and going of sailboats and yachts in the marina.
Sea Front Promenade (7)
The road that separates the waterfront from the promenade is one way and it is forbidden to park along (but that's pure theory). Day and night, the atmosphere is very lively.
Sea Front Promenade (8)
We shall soon arrive at the end of the marina and the seafront promenade will go on southwards, towards the Town Hall and Aghios Giorgos Beach.
Sea Front Promenade (9)
We are now at the end of the marina and we shall go further along the sea front, towards the long beach of Aghios Giorgos.
Sphinx of the Naxians
In front of the Townhall stands a (modernized) reproduction of the Naxian Sphinx, a monumental statue erected at the top of a 10 m high ionic column near the Temple of Apollo, in Delphi. The original is in the Archaeological Museum of Delphi.
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