You can start the virtual stroll at the place of your choice by selecting a key location from the list below.
Around the Kastro (1)
Following this lane which goes around the western side of the kastro, you will discover other passages leading to the heart of the citadel.
Around the Kastro (10)
Our walk goes past the entrance of the Archaeological Museum of Naxos, but we did not have enough time to get in and create a virtual visit...
Around the Kastro (11)
We now arrive to the ruins of the Venetian kastro and in view of the beautiful metropolitan catholic cathedral, sparkling with whiteness.
Around the Kastro (12)
While going along the ruins of the Venetian kastro, we arrive near the catholic cathedral, heart of the old town of Chora.
Around the Kastro (2)
The alley which goes around the western side of the kastro does not offer spectacular views of the citadel or the sea, it is at both ends that you will find picturesque passages that are worth the tour.
Around the Kastro (3)
From this passageway beautifully renovated in the respect of tradition, you will be spoiled for choice to visit the entire perimeter of the kastro, following one lane or another.
Around the Kastro (4)
From this picturesque passageway, a long sloping lane goes straight up to the centre of the citadel, where stand the kastro and the catholic cathedral. Or you can go there by continuing towards south and the slope will be more gentle...
Around the Kastro (5)
The alley goes around the south of the hill, while slowly going up towards the place where stand the ruins of the kastro and the catholic cathedral.
Around the Kastro (6)
In places, the old town is in a state of total decrepitude, while some old buildings have been beautifully renovated.
Around the Kastro (7)
Strolling in the old town of Chora is a magical and unforgettable experience. There are no crowds of tourists and often you can believe to be alone in the world...
Around the Kastro (8)
Just before reaching the kastro square, the alley goes underground. On the right, a café opens onto a large terrace that offers a spectacular view of the south of the city.
Around the Kastro (9)
Here we are at the top of the old town of Chora, where the ruins of the kastro and the Catholic cathedral stand, in the heart of the labyrinth of narrow streets...
Catholic Cathedral
The construction of the Catholic Cathedral began during the Middle Ages and the place of worship underwent various phases of transformation before reaching its final shape in the 17th century.
Catholic Cathedral Square
The Catholic Cathedral stands in the heart of the citadel of Chora. In this first version of the virtual stroll, we make only a brief incursion on this beautiful square, before going back down to the seaside by another way...
In the Kastro (1)
Passing the gate of the kastro, you can go straight ahead and climb to the heart of the citadel further, or take the vaulted passage that opens on your left, which leads you very quickly to the central square.
In the Kastro (2)
Leaving the vaulted passage, you pass in front of the entrance of the Byzantine Museum, from where you have a spectacular view of the city and the port. Going up the alley, you will soon arrive near the catholic cathedral.
In the Kastro (3)
Take the narrow passage that opens to the right and you will go to the heart of the citadel, to the main square where the Catholic Cathedral stands.
In the Kastro (4)
Along the old fortress in the center of the citadel, a long lane leads to the lower part of the city and to the seafront.
In the Kastro (5)
Except at both ends, this steep alley is not very interesting, but it is convenient to go down directly towards the seafront, without getting lost in the maze of the kastro.
Kastro Gate
Here we are in front of one of the gates of the kastro and we are about to enter another world... As everywhere in the old town of Chora, it is early in the morning that you may escape the crowd!
Kastro Square (1)
In the center of the citadel stands a massive fortress that we will go down to the seaside, after a short glance at the square. (We shall show you more after our next trip...)
Kastro Square (2)
From the cathedral square we shall go south towards the archaeological museum, but in a few meters a small surprise awaits us...
Kastro Square (3)
While we were shooting, a gentleman invited us to follow him in the narrow alley behind the cathedral... He spoke only Greek and we did not understand anything, but we followed him and he made us discover a rather secret double church!
Panagia Theoskepasti
You may not be lucky enough to find opened the front door of this double orthodox church hidden in a lane behind the catholic cathedral. It is probably the oldest building in the citadel.
To the kastro (5)
A few more steps and we shall arrive at a very picturesque passageway, from where we can enter the heart of the citadel by one or the other alley.
To the kastro (6)
For now, our virtual stroll in the old town ends here, and we shall extend it on a future trip... Leaving this passage, you can go down to the seafront.
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