You can start the virtual stroll at the place of your choice by selecting a key location from the list below.
Beach road (1)
The dirt road to the beach is perfectly passable. You see it here in exceptional conditions, after the floods of spring 2019.
Beach road (2)
You can continue straight towards the cape to reach the beach near the good tavern that you see in the distance, or to go south-east on the path that runs between lake and sea to reach the beach further, where it may be quieter.
Beach road (3)
Before going to the beach, we will go to the good tavern waiting for us at the end of the road. The food is very tasty there!
Beach road (4)
Here we are at the end of the beach road, at the entrance of Mikri Vigla Restaurant, which enjoys an absolutely exceptional situation. This is a very good tavern that we recommend without hesitation!
Lake road (1)
We follow here the path going southeast between the lake (on your left) and the sea (on your right). It will allow us to reach the beach further south, where it is quieter than near the cape.
Lake road (2)
In the satellite photos you will notice that the lake is smaller than you see here. These panoramas were shot at the end of May 2019, when the Cyclades had underwent heavy rains during the spring.
Lake road (3)
At any time you can turn and arrive directly on the beach but the further south you go, the more chances you get to find a quiet stretch of beach.
Lake road (4)
The path continues and can take you along the beach to Kastraki, but our stroll does not go further, we will now reach the beach and then go back towards the cape...
Limanaki Beach (1)
This tiny beach is not really secret anymore, it's way too pretty to stay unknown... We did not go down, but we went to see it a little closer before heading back to Mikri Vigla Beach through the rocks.
Limanaki Beach (2)
Our stroll ends here, just above this beautiful little beach hidden in the cape rocks. One day, maybe, we will extend it by climbing at the top of this mineral world to make you discover the panoramic view which is unveiled up there...
Limanaki Rocks (1)
We let you the pleasure of discovering where to pass... Feel free to get lost, you will be able to take amazing photos!
Limanaki Rocks (2)
Going through the rocks is not too difficult, and not very acrobatic (except with a 360° camera at the end of a pole, of course).
Mikri Vigla Beach (1)
The beach of Mikri Vigla is about 2 km long and stretches out to Kastraki, where other beaches await you. You will not have trouble finding a spot away from the crowd!
Mikri Vigla Beach (2)
A few years ago, the beach of Mikri Vigla was still very wild. This time is over, the beach is increasingly equipped with deckchairs and umbrellas. But until the beginning of June, it remains almost deserted!
Mikri Vigla Beach (3)
When we shot these panoramas at the end of May 2019, the sunbeds and umbrellas rentals were not yet all installed. We heard they are more and more numerous...
Mikri Vigla Beach (4)
We arrive almost at the end of the beach, where we will be able to join the road. But the stroll is not over yet...
Mikri Vigla Beach (5)
The beach ends south of the cape and its picturesque rocky chaos. Our stroll will go on and take a little tour of this fascinating place...
Mikri Vigla Beach (6)
A tiny beach is hidden in the rocks, Limanaki Beach. You can go there climbing the rocks or bypassing them. To find a path, go between the trees that line the beach, then go to the left.
Mikri Vigla Beach (7)
A last look at the long beach of Mikri Vigla before turning and starting to climb...
Path to beach
The sea is only a hundred meters away from the path that runs along the lake.
Path to Limanaki Beach (1)
There is no marked path all the way, just go to the rock pile, the stroll is easy and you won't get lost.
Path to Limanaki Beach (2)
Sometimes a vague trail emerges and the landscape becomes ever more spectacular, keep going straight ahead!
Path to Limanaki Beach (3)
Our stroll continues passing at the foot of the rocks, we will soon see the small hidden beach...
Path to Limanaki Beach (4)
A last stretch of trail in a very spectacular and picturesque landscape and we will arrive just above the beach.
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