You can start the virtual stroll at the place of your choice by selecting a key location from the list below.
Agia Anna Church (1)
When we shot these 360° panoramas, the key of the church was on the door... Of course, we entered to share with you the atmosphere of this beautiful chapel!
Agia Anna Church (2)
A small chapel very simple and bathed in light, without the ostentatious pomp of many Greek Orthodox churches.
Agia Anna Sea View
The church of Agia Anna is built on a small promontory where you can admire a sumptuous panoramic view of the sea, with the island of Naxos in the background.
Ambelas Beach
A tiny beach nestled in the harbor, with a few taverns and parking places nearby. Be careful not to park anywhere, it is also the place where buses from Naoussa turn around.
Coastal road (1)
Our virtual stroll goes north along the coastal road, towards the small church of Agia Anna that we see in the distance.
Coastal road (2)
Throughout the stroll, we have magnificent panoramic views of the deep blue shades of the Aegean Sea, with sometimes a few shady spots.
Coastal road (3)
In the distance, you see Naxos, the largest and highest island of the Cyclades. Between Ambelas and Agios Prokopios, the channel between Paros and Naxos is only 3.5 nautical miles wide.
Coastal road (4)
Before arriving at the church of Agia Anna, we pass in front of a nice terrace of restaurant with sight on the sea, which overlooks a very small beach.
Coastal road (5)
Here we are near the church of Agia Anna. Before continuing the stroll, we will admire the panoramic view, then have a look into the church.
Coastal road (6)
We never tire of all these panoramic views of the sea, with the ever-changing spectacle of waves surfing on crystal clear waters...
Coastal road (7)
We turn left now and take a small road leading inland. We will make you discover a good restaurant quite close but still little known...
Port of Ambelas
Our virtual stroll in Ambelas starts here, on the pier of the small port. We'll just take a quick look at the beach then follow the coastal road to the north.
Road to Margarita (1)
The landscape is of course much less spectacular than along the coast, but we will follow this little road on less than 250 m.
Road to Margarita (2)
We guess that behind the walls stand beautiful private properties...
Road to Margarita (3)
We arrive in front of the Margarita resort. To go to the public restaurant, you can go under the arch and bypass the pool or continue straight and enter the side passage, which leads directly to the terrace. Enjoy your meal!
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