You can start the virtual stroll at the place of your choice by selecting a key location from the list below.
A hidden church
To south, our virtual stroll ends here at the moment, in front of the door of a small church which is visible only from the sea. A place quite secret and very romantic...
Aghia Anna Esplanade (1)
The virtual stroll arrives now on the beautiful esplanade where stands the small church of Aghia Anna. A beautiful view of the sea and of the renovated windmills that surround the town hall.
Aghia Anna Esplanade (2)
The esplanade is encircled in a turn of the one-way road that climbs from Kato Gyalos Beach before heading to the south of Paros. It dominates the sea towards west, offering a beautiful point of view for the sunset.
Aghia Anna Esplanade (3)
Our virtual stroll will soon end at the edge of the water, below the town hall. We will now go down to the hairpin bend to take a path that will extend the promenade...
Agios Nikolaos
Before arriving at the seaside, the virtual stroll now briefly continues in the alleys, just to pass in front of the beautiful little church of Agios Nikolaos... Go in!
Between beach and esplanade
The stroll will now take a small shortcut to climb to a beautiful esplanade... Go under the small white portico!
Churches Square
From this small square surrounded by small churches, the virtual stroll will continue south along Gravari Street, always parallel to the seafront.
Gravari Street (1)
Our virtual stroll continues through the labyrinth of pedestrian lanes that make all the charm of Parikia. Going south, we will soon see alleys that lead directly to the seafront.
Gravari Street (2)
The virtual stroll will now go towards the seaside and the beach of Parikia, always getting lost in the maze of alleys of the old town.
Kato Gyalos Beach (1)
The stroll arrives at Kato Gyalos Beach and will now go towards the tiny fishing port that nestles at the end. If you cross the road and go past the church, you will arrive in the labyrinth of alleys of the old town.
Kato Gyalos Beach (2)
Fine golden sand, crystalline waters with infinite shades of blue and green... you will not regret having walked up to here!
Kato Gyalos Beach (3)
Our virtual stroll now runs along the beautiful beach of Kato Gyalos towards the isolated windmill that overlooks a tiny fishing port.
Kato Gyalos Beach (4)
A tiny fishing port lies at the end of the beach. The stroll will now go back to the road, take a shortcut and arrive on a beautiful esplanade.
Kortianou Street (3)
At the end of the alley, a vaulted passage leads to a small square surrounded by pretty churches. Our virtual stroll will continue towards the south and the beach of Kato Gyalos.
Papavasiliou Street (1)
Here we are just a few steps from the seaside... Go to the quay now or continue along the alley to reach the sea promenade a little further!
Papavasiliou Street (2)
We arrive at a small square that opens directly to the north of Kato Gyalos Beach, but before reaching the seaside we will follow a parallel alley that passes in front of a pretty chapel.
Path to hidden church
Our virtual stroll will end here, all the way south of Parikia, with a last little walk to the water's edge, down to the closed door of a small hidden church...
Promenade to Kato Gyalos (10)
Still some terraces at the edge of the water, and in a few tens of meters you will find passages that go down on the beach.
Promenade to Kato Gyalos (6)
There are so many taverns and caf├ęs on the waterfront that you will have a hard time making your choice... The stroll passes here in front of Mira, an excellent restaurant that we recommend!
Promenade to Kato Gyalos (7)
The stroll passes here near another passage you can take to go up to the old town, and then continues towards the beach, always along many cafes and restaurants.
Promenade to Kato Gyalos (8)
All this promenade to Kato Gyalos Beach is facing west so you will be find a lot of places to watch amazing sunsets!
Promenade to Kato Gyalos (9)
Our virtual stroll now approaches the beautiful beach of Kato Gyalos, with its tiny fishing port watched over by a windmill.
Shortcut to Aghia Anna Esplanade
To go up to the beautiful esplanade of Aghia Anna, no need to follow the road, a small path leads directly to it.
The tiny fishing port
At the end of Kato Gyalos Beach, a tiny fishing port is home to a few boats at the foot of a pretty, isolated windmill.
Townhall Garden
Below the townhall, an esplanade is crossed by a small path. Our stroll will follow now follow it before ending in front of the closed door of a hidden church...
Zoodochos Pighi Square
The stroll through the alleys of Parikia arrives on the square of Church Zoodochos Pighi, facing the southern beach of Parikia, Kato Gyalos.
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