You can start the virtual stroll at the place of your choice by selecting a key location from the list below.
Caldera Trail (1)
In this first version of the stroll, we present you just a small track along the caldera. It starts here, next to the cable car line that goes down to the old harbor.
Caldera Trail (2)
Out of season, when the sky is obscured by clouds, Santorini offers particularly dramatic but still spectacular views. This view is one of the rare panoramas we shot in April 2017 in Fira, between two showers.
Caldera Trail (3)
We pass next to one of the most beautiful churches of Fira, the chapel of Aghios Stylianos, perched at the edge of the cliff. It is probably one of the most photographed churches of all the Cyclades, and it deserves it!
Caldera Trail (4)
The path continues to climb, offering spectacular views of Fira to the south. To the north, the view of Imerovigli and Oia is still hidden by the Petros M. Nomikos conference center, it will be revealed in a few tens of meters.
Caldera Trail (5)
Still following the panoramic path towards north, we can now distinguish in the distance the Skaros Rock, the village of Imerovigli perched at the highest point of the entire cliff, 330 m above sea level, and in the background the village of Oia.
Caldera Trail (6)
For now, our virtual stroll along the caldera trail stops here, near the catholic church Koimisis tis Theotokou, in Firostefani. We will extend it on a future trip and, in the meantime, you can jump 1 km and join the virtual stroll we created in Imerovigli.
Danezi M Street
This sloping street with slippery pavement connects Fira's main street to the main road below. It's a hell with incessant traffic, but with a surprising little paradise: Pelican Kipos, a lush garden restaurant with a fabulous 400 year-old wine cellar.
Erithrou Stavrou Lane (1)
Continuing straight along this alley from the end of the main square, we will arrive at the edge of the cliff. But for now, we turn right to go up the long lane that leads to Firostefani.
Erithrou Stavrou Lane (2)
The best moment to walk quietly in Fira is early in the morning, when many shops, bars and restaurants are still closed. Later, the whole city is overexcited...
Erithrou Stavrou Lane (3)
We pass here in front of the large terrace of a very good restaurant that we recommend, Dionysos in Atlantis. The food is quite good, the atmosphere is very friendly and the prices are really fair.
Erithrou Stavrou Lane (4)
We continue to follow this long alley, still quiet at this early hour, discovering here and there some very interesting buildings from an architectural point of view.
Erithrou Stavrou Lane (5)
Our virtual stroll in Fira is just a sketch, with discontinuous lines. The passages between this lane and the caldera trail have not yet been shot. Thank you for your understanding and your patience!
Erithrou Stavrou Lane (6)
In Fira, the crowd is omnipresent almost at any time and the realization of a virtual stroll is not easy. We shot the panoramas early in the morning, while the shops were just starting to open, but there was already a lot of people in the alleys...
Erithrou Stavrou Lane (7)
The stroll passes here in front of one of the entrances of Megaro Gyzi, still closed early in the morning when we realized the shots. This cultural center and museum is hosted in a 17th century mansion of great architectural interest.
Erithrou Stavrou Lane (8)
In this first version, our virtual stroll stops here. Continuing along this lane, you will go to Firostefani, the village located between Fira and Imerovigli.
In the alleys
In this first version, our virtual strolls presents just three of our favourite restaurants. We pass here in front of Elia Tavern, which offers traditional cuisine in a very welcoming atmosphere.
Main Square (1)
We are facing here one of the most lively places in Fira, lined with many cafes and restaurants. Ideal for a drink while watching people go by... a permanent show!
Main Square (2)
We are here south of the main square, looking to the north (the caldera is on our left). Behind us, the street goes down to the Museum of Prehistoric Thera and the taxi and bus stations, which we have not yet integrated in the stroll.
Orthodox Cathedral
Our virtual stroll in Fira is very incomplete and we have not yet realized the tracks that will connect the Orthodox Cathedral to the main square and to the panoramic path of the caldera, further north. Thanks for your patience!
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