You can start the virtual stroll at the place of your choice by selecting a key location from the list below.
Aghios Georgios
A pretty church perched on a promontory above the caldera. Breathtaking point of view and good landmark to find you in Imerovigli!
Bus Stop
The buses of the Fira-Oia line stop here. To go to the caldera, go up the sloping road starting from the curve of the main road. In this section of the virtual stroll, we just show you the way to the big church of Imerovigli.
Caldera Trail (1)
In this first version, our virtual stroll in Imerovigli begins here and follows the path of the caldera to the northwest, towards the rock of Skaros. (To the southeast, you can also join the Fira stroll.)
Caldera Trail (10)
Our virtual stroll ends here for the moment, just below The Athenian House, an extraordinary gourmet restaurant that we invite you to discover.
Caldera Trail (2)
The panoramic path of the caldera, in Imerovigli as in Firostefani and Fira, is an absolute must of any stay in Santorini. During the day as at sunset, it offers breathtaking views you'll never forget.
Caldera Trail (3)
Twilight is probably the best time to stroll along the caldera. The show never stops and the colours are a real treat for both painters and photographers.
Caldera Trail (4)
Looking towards Oia, we begin to see the warm colours of the Cycladic sunset. On the other side, these colours are already bathing the villages built at the top of the cliff, Firostefani and Fira...
Caldera Trail (5)
Our virtual stroll will now pass, heading to Oia, in front of the beautiful Anastasi Church, which still hides the amazing sunset. Let's go on...
Caldera Trail (6)
Our virtual stroll passes in front of Anastasi, one of the most beautiful churches of Imerovigli. All the shots, on this section, were made just before sunset, to share with you the surreal lights of this magical moment.
Caldera Trail (7)
To stay on the trail that grants a panoramic view of the caldera, we must take a narrow passage here, which ends just behind the church of Aghios Georgios.
Caldera Trail (8)
The virtual stroll passes here behind the church of Aghios Georgios, which is worth a small detour to admire the spectacular view of the caldera.
Caldera Trail (9)
In this first version, our virtual stroll ends a little further to present you a spectacular gastronomic restaurant (trail to right). If you take the path that goes down to the left, you go to the trail that leads to Skaros Rock.
To the caldera (1)
To reach the passages that descend abruptly towards the panoramic path running along the caldera, first follow this sloping street.
To the caldera (2)
After walking along this beautiful church (which we see here from the front), take the alley that faces the forecourt and continue to climb.
To the caldera (3)
Continue climbing. In the distance, you can see the dome of the large Imerovigli church. You will soon arrive at the labyrinth of passages and stairs that lead to the panoramic path.
To the caldera (4)
Here we are near Panaghia Malteza Church, with its square bell tower that can be seen from afar. To go down to the caldera, you can take the narrow alley that opens on the right. (We have not yet created the junction with the scenic path running below.)
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