You can start the virtual stroll at the place of your choice by selecting a key location from the list below.
Ierós Naós Timíou Stavroú
The Temple of the Holy Cross, built in 1727, is one of the oldest churches in Sifnos. If it's open, do not hesitate to enter!
Ierós Naós tou Christoú
Proportionally to its surface, Sifnos is the island with the most churches and you will see very old ones all along the Steno. This one, the Holy Church of Christ, was built in 1587.
Kamares Road (1)
Our stroll starts here, next to the Heroes' Square, near the post office, the pharmacy and the bus stop of the Kamares line. We shall go towards the alleys of the village to walk along the famous Steno, long and lively narrow street.
Kamares Road (2)
We stand here in front of the alley leading to the "Steno". To reach the bus stop of all lines (except Kamares), continue the road you see to the left (but you can also go by this alley). On the right you can go to the beautiful esplanade of Heroes' Square.
Main Road
Here we are on the road that runs through Sifnos from north to south, right next to the bus stop. All bus lines pass here, except the bus to the port of Kamares, which starts from the central square (which street opens a little further up). Further down, a passage leads to the Steno.
Plateía Iróon
The "Heroes' Square" is the big esplanade where you can visit the Museum of Folklore (which is only open during the summer season).
Shortcut to bus stop
Continuing straight on, you will follow hiking trail Nr 3, which goes towards Kato Petali then crosses all the hinterland towards the south. On your left, the stairs lead to the main road, close to the bus stop.
Steno (1)
The Steno starts here on your right. Continuing straight ahead and taking the alley immediately to the left, you can reach the main road near the bus stop which serve the whole island (except the line of Kamares).
Steno (2)
Throughout the Steno, our 360° stroll will introduce you to ancient churches, such as this 16th century "Church of Christ".
Steno (3)
This long alley where shops, bars, cafes and restaurants line up is nicknamed Steno, which means "narrow". It is here that the whole life of Apollonia is concentrated, especially in the evening.
Steno (4)
The Steno climbs gently towards the south. After nightfall it becomes almost unrecognizable because of its animation, to enjoy the ride go there rather in the morning!
Steno (5)
We pass here in front of a jewellery and workshop where you will find wonderful artworks... Do not hesitate to enter, the friendly owner, Giorgos, will be happy to show you his treasures!
Steno (6)
Our stroll passes now in front of the Temple of the Holy Cross, which dates from the 18th century. With a little luck, it will be open and you'll be able to visit it...
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