You can start the virtual stroll at the place of your choice by selecting a key location from the list below.
Faros Beach (1)
Arriving by road, you will find a large free parking lot on your right just before reaching the waterfront (where you cannot park). You will so park just a few steps from this beach.
Faros Beach (2)
As everywhere in the Cyclades, it is outside of July and August that you will enjoy your stay the most. In mid-May 2019, we had the impression of having Faros just for ourselves... Lovely!
Fishing Port (1)
Our virtual stroll starts here, on the dock of the fishing port. It will follow the entire bottom of Faros Bay to Vlycho Beach and the beginning of the trail to the Monastery of Chrysopighi.
Fishing Port (2)
We shot this small series of panoramas on May 12, 2019, during a brief visit to Faros on a beautiful day. The weather was very capricious during spring 2019, we were lucky!
Fishing Port (3)
Many of the fishing boats that you see supply the restaurants of Faros, making the village a gastronomic stopover for all fresh fish lovers.
Fishing Port (4)
Along crystal clear waters, our stroll gets closer to the taverns of the seafront and the beach. Further to the left, there is a second beach, that of Vlycho.
Fishing Port (5)
Faros is one of these places where the sea is so transparent that the fishing boats seem to hang over the water, casting their shadow on the rocks or the sand at the bottom.
Passage to Vlycho Beach (1)
A few steps and we will be in the tiny heart of Faros, on its small promontory. We will go through and go down to the beautiful beach of Vlycho.
Passage to Vlycho Beach (2)
No risk of getting lost in the few alleys of Faros, just keep going straight ahead...
Passage to Vlycho Beach (3)
Only a few meters further, a superb panorama begins to open before your eyes. Enjoy the show!
Passage to Vlycho Beach (4)
The trail will now gently descend to Vlycho Beach, offering spectacular views of Faros Bay.
Passage to Vlycho Beach (5)
A last bird's eye view on this beautiful shaded beach, that we will follow up to the beginning of the path leading to the Monastery of Chrysopighi.
Seafront (1)
One of the seaside taverns served a few years ago as a setting for scenes of a very nice film shot in Sifnos and Milos, "Nicostratos the Pelican", with Emir Kusturica in one of the leading roles.
Seafront (2)
Do not be fooled by seeing two vehicles on this panorama: it is strictly forbidden to park on the waterfront, do not take the risk! A welcome ban, by the way, because the sea view is superb!
Seafront (3)
There are two beaches in Faros: this one, near a large car park, and Vlycho Beach, which is after the group of buildings that you see right in front. (A third one, Fassolou Beach, is on the other side of the hill that borders the fishing port.)
Trail to Chrysopighi
We arrived at the end of the stroll, at the western end of Vlycho Beach. In front of us, we see the beginning of the path that leads to the famous Monastery of Chrysopighi, emblematic place of Sifnos.
Vlycho Beach (1)
According to the official website of Sifnos, the name of this beach is Glyfou, but on Google Maps you will find it under the name of Blychó (Βλυχό) or Vlycho. Some consider it to be the most beautiful beach in Sifnos.
Vlycho Beach (2)
In spring, the sea is still cold and the tourists still rare, the beach is a real little paradise. To swim, choose a stay in September, the beach is quiet, not really overcrowded.
Vlycho Beach (3)
We will now arrive at the end of this small virtual stroll, we hope that you liked it and that it made you dream of discovering Faros and Sifnos Island with your own eyes!
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