You can start the virtual stroll at the place of your choice by selecting a key location from the list below.
Aghios Giorgos Church
With 237 churches, Sifnos is the island with the largest number of places of worship in proportion to the total area! Aghios Georgios, like many others of these churches, deserves a visit.
At the water´s edge
The landscape of Kamares Bay and its crystal clear waters are worth a detour at the edge of the water, just to listen to the sound of the sea and get drunk with deep colours...
Bay Road (1)
Here we are on the road going along the beach at the bottom of the bay. Further, we will find trails that allow to reach the edge of the water. We can also go up to the road to Apollonia.
Bay Road (2)
Our virtual stroll now passes in front of a path leading directly to the beach, less crowded here than in front of the bars and restaurants of the village. Do not expect a deserted beach though!
Bay Road (3)
Our virtual stroll passes in front of the only camping of Sifnos, welcoming, shady and very well equipped. Good to know: Makis Camping also offers very comfortable studios that we recommend!
Bay Road Shortcut
Near the bus stop at the exit of the village, we have taken the road that leads to the large beach at the bottom of the bay, a shortcut that passes here in front of the school playground.
Beach Trail (1)
The beach is now very close, do not hurry and enjoy the scenery... You will love this small path!
Ferry Pier
Kamares, the port of Sifnos, is served by ferries from the Western Cyclades lines, which depart from Piraeus. On certain days of the week, you can also take a transverse line to Paros and Syros.
Kamares Beach (1)
We are now on the beach, one of the most beautiful of the island. With the spectacular mountains surrounding the bay, Kamares Beach is a place you will never forget!
Path to old tower (1)
Arriving at Kamares by ferry, you see to starboard an old square tower that blends into the landscape. Our virtual stroll approaches it to have a closer look...
Path to old tower (2)
Before going on to the old tower, go down the stairs to admire the crystal clear waters of Kamares Bay, the view is worth the detour!
Path to old tower (3)
Here, turn left and go up. The climb is steep but you will not regret the effort, you will have great views of the village of Kamares, the bay and the mountains.
Path to old tower (4)
Yes, this part is rather steep but it's worth the effort, the landscape and the sea view are really amazing!
Path to old tower (5)
We are now at the top of the slope, turn right and follow the dirt road, the old tower is not very far and the view is breathtaking!
Path to old tower (6)
We arrive near the old tower, which is located below the road and is difficult to access. Our stroll ends a little further, with a breathtaking view of the tower with Kamares in the background...
Road to Apollonia (1)
Can not park and even drive in the village! This large parking is free and the parking time is not limited, enjoy!
Road to Apollonia (2)
The panoramas of this small stretch of the stroll were unfortunately shot just before our departure, under a dark sky... Continue to Apollonia or to the beach to find a blue sky!
Road to Apollonia (3)
Our virtual stroll in Kamares is coming to an end, but it will go on to show you a good hotel a little further...
Road to Apollonia (4)
Our virtual stroll in Kamares ends here, in front of Kamari Hotel. The road continues to climb to Apollonia, the capital of Sifnos, where we also created a virtual stroll...
Seafront Promenade (1)
We are here west of the pier, where we have a breathtaking view of the virtuoso maneuvers of ferries. A little further, we will go up to a path leading to the old tower that catched our eye just before disembarking...
Seafront Promenade (10)
Here we are at the bus stop of the line connecting the port with the capital Apollonia, further up, 5 km away. The large car park is free and there is no way to park in the village. We shall now go towards the beach...
Seafront Promenade (2)
Our stroll passes here in front of the port pier, where all ferries dock. Continuing towards the village, we will arrive to the bus station and taxis.
Seafront Promenade (3)
We pass here in front of the place where you can get tourist information, wait for the bus to Apollonia or find a taxi. If you have to wait a bit, you will find cafes and taverns a little further away.
Seafront Promenade (4)
Near the small pier begins the alignment of cafes, taverns and restaurants. There is something for all tastes, you are spoiled for choice!
Seafront Promenade (5)
To the right of the church of Aghios Georgios, a small lane allows you to discover the tiny jewellery Pleiades, which is actually the Kamares branch of the eponymous jewellery and workshop you find along the "Steno" of Apollonia.
Seafront Promenade (6)
Before continuing the stroll towards the beach, let's take a look in the small church of the village, Aghios Georgios...
Seafront Promenade (7)
Our stroll passes here in front of the entrance of Sifnos Travel, a small travel agency that we recommend if you want to rent a car.
Seafront Promenade (8)
The beach starts in front of the church of Aghios Georgios and all the cafes and restaurants on your left have terraces on the sand.
Seafront Promenade (9)
A last series of bars and restaurants and we shall arrive at the bus stop of the Kamares-Apollonia line and at the large parking lot of the village.
The old tower
The old watchtowers of Sifnos are round and located in the heights. This one is square and we have no information about it. Our virtual stroll ends here, with this mystery...
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