You can start the virtual stroll at the place of your choice by selecting a key location from the list below.
Aghia Marina Church
Aghia Marina is a small church, simple and unpretentious, which deserves a quick visit, while the real show is unveiled on its esplanade.
Aghia Marina Esplanade
Surrounded by steep mountains, the bay of Kamares offers spectacular views. The esplanade of Aghia Marina Church, at the northern end of the beach, is the best place to have an overview.
Aghii Anargyri Church
The small church of Aghii Anargyri, at the end of the beach, is lesser known than Aghia Marina, the church just above, but in fact it is much more beautiful and quite surprising!
Bay Road (4)
Continuing to follow the bay road to the north, you will find other trails leading to the beach.
Bay Road (5)
Here we take a shortcut that leads to the small churches and the beach. Further on, the paved road divides and goes left towards the north shore of the bay, right to the mountain and the monastery of Aghios Simeon.
Bay Road (6)
After the turn from where starts the road climbing to the monastery of Aghios Simeon and then going down to Troulaki (on the road to Cheronissos), the road of the bay heads west and passes behind the church of Aghii Anargyri.
Bay Road (7)
Take the time to climb to the church of Aghia Marina, the breathtaking view that awaits you on its esplanade is really worth the effort!
Bay Road (8)
The road divides here into two dead ends. The right section (not featured in our stroll) stops after 500 m, where begins the path leading to the church of Aghia Ekaterini. The left section runs along the seaside for a hundred meters and offers a gorgeous view of the bay. On the left, a passage leads to the end of the beach.
Bay Road (9)
Here we are at the end of the stroll (for the moment), facing Kamares and the south shore of the bay. We hope that it will make you dream to discover Sifnos with your own eyes!
Beach Trail (2)
We head here to a part of the beach that is less organized and quieter, with some tamarisks that provide shade.
Beach Trail (3)
The beach is a stone's throw away, but you can also continue towards the churches of Aghii Anargyri and Aghia Marina, which are really worth a visit!
Beach Trail (4)
We arrive near Aghii Anargyri Church, with Aghia Marina Church in the background, on the slopes of the mountain. To visit the first one, continue to the beach. To climb to the second one, take the passage that leads to the road.
Beach Trail (5)
It's time to visit the small church of Aghii Anargyri, which is rather surprising... Do not hesitate!
Beach Trail (6)
We arrive at a small piece of beach sandwiched between two nice terraces. Going back to the road, you can go up to the esplanade of Aghia Marina or stroll a little further along the seafront.
Kamares Beach (2)
Every year since 2002, the beach of Kamares is awarded the European Blue Flag certification, which guarantees that it meets very strict criteria in terms of organization, cleanliness and safety.
Kamares Beach (3)
The northern part of the beach is close to the village named Aghia Marina (like the church overlooking it) or Pera Banda, where you will also find accommodation, cafes and restaurants.
Kamares Beach (4)
The beach ends here, between two terraces that invite you to relax. From the port, there is only 1000 meters of distance to go. Beach, hotels, cafes and restaurants are all within walking distance, making Kamares a truly human-sized destination!
Stairway to Aghia Marina
During the hottest hours, climbing is quite rough but when you arrive on the esplanade you don't regret having made the effort!
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