You can start the virtual stroll at the place of your choice by selecting a key location from the list below.
Church Esplanade
The Church of Taxiarches, emblematic of Vathi, is as beautiful outside as inside. If the door is open, do not miss to enter! There are 3 major events taking place every year, on July 12, September 5 and November 7.
Church of Taxiarches
One of the most beautiful churches of Sifnos! "Taxiarch" (brigadier) is a military term that used to designate officers subordinate to generals (strategists) during Antiquity. For the Greek Orthodox Church, this term applies to Archangels Michael and Gabriel, leaders of the army of angels.
Passages to small beach and church
On the left, a small passage leads directly to the esplanade of the Taxiarches Church. The archway leads to the small beach facing the church.
Seafront Promenade (1)
Over a few tens of meters, the beach gives way to a riprapped promenade. Just up to the church and its surroundings...
Seafront Promenade (2)
We arrive on the small square of the village, all bathed in light. The vaulted passage that you see to the right of the tree that stands in the square leads to the small beach facing the church.
Seafront Promenade (3)
Of course, you will not miss going around the church. Its situation and its shape will not fail to inspire you and you will make very beautiful photos!
Seafront Promenade (4)
The entrance to the Church of Taxiarches faces west, watching over the small beach that you see here to the left of the bell tower.
Seafront Promenade (5)
The Church of Taxiarches, formerly also a monastery, was built in the 16th century. It is a double church, with two naves and two domes.
Taxiarches Beach (1)
In fact, we do not know if the small beach facing the church has a name. So why not call it "Taxiarches Beach"?
Taxiarches Beach (2)
This very small 360° stroll was shot during a brief visit to Vathi in May 2019. It includes only 22 panoramas and we shall probably extend it one day or another. We wanted for this time to give you just a glimpse of this little piece of paradise!
Vathi Beach (1)
In this first version, our virtual stroll starts here, on the beach, right next to the free parking where you can leave your car. It will follow the beach and the waterfront to the west, to the Taxiarches Church and the small beach beyond.
Vathi Beach (2)
Our stroll actually shows you only the west end of the beach, which actually runs for nearly 1000 meters all along the bay of Vathi.
Vathi Beach (3)
Vathi Bay is one of the most beautiful in Sifnos. You see here the beach in spring, still almost deserted. Expect the crowd in high season!
Vathi Beach (4)
In the distance, we can see one of the most beautiful churches in Sifnos, the Taxiarches Church, which stands on a small dock that serves as a marina.
Vathi Beach (5)
We are now at the end of the beach, which extends some more a little further, just beyond the beautiful Church of Taxiarches.
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