You can start the virtual stroll at the place of your choice by selecting a key location from the list below.
Agios Georgios Church
Seen from afar, Agios Georgios looks like a fortress but inside it is magnificent. These panoramas will undoubtedly feed a desire to visit this Catholic church in the real world!
Ano Syros (1)
Our virtual stroll enters into the labyrinth of alleys of Ano Syros towards the big catholic church of Aghios Georgios, which massive construction tops the hill.
Ano Syros (10)
We pass in front of the stairs climbing to the church, which we shall of course visit. Further, the alley descends through the labyrinth of Ano Syros.
Ano Syros (11)
We had not enough time to continue shooting until the exit of the labyrinth, but the virtual stroll continues down towards the south for a while...
Ano Syros (12)
The stroll passes in front of the Catholic church Panaghia tou Karmilou, Our Lady of Carmel, which we will probably visit if the door is open during our next travel to Syros...
Ano Syros (13)
Between old buildings and beautifully renovated mansions, the stroll offers fascinating contrasts, constantly renewed.
Ano Syros (14)
While looking for our way in the labyrinth, we went on a false track which made us discover a superb point of view...
Ano Syros (14a)
Here we are just below the bell tower of Panaghia tou Karmilou and we start thinking that this passage leads nowhere but curiosity wins and we go on...
Ano Syros (14b)
A nice surprise was waiting for us, with an esplanade that offers a splendid view!
Ano Syros (15)
Some say there are as many churches in Ano Syros as there are bars in Mykonos... We are tempted to believe them! We pass here near the church of Aghios Antonios, dedicated to Anthony the Hermit, revered as the founder of Christian eremitism.
Ano Syros (16)
After going around the church, we continue to descend and our stroll will soon end...
Ano Syros (17)
After a last vaulted passage, our 360° virtual stroll will end temporarily... but of course we shall extend it during our next stay in Syros!
Ano Syros (18)
For now, our virtual stroll of Ano Syros ends here. It was done in early October 2018, the day before our return to Switzerland, and we had too little time left to extend it. To discover the rest, you will have to be patient... We went back in mid-May 2019, the sky was overcast and everything was still closed... No luck!
Ano Syros (2)
Ano Syros is such a labyrinth that you may be afraid of getting lost, but there are many signs indicating the directions and you will always find your way after some detours or false tracks...
Ano Syros (3)
Yep, without the signposts we would already be completely lost in the labyrinth...
Ano Syros (4)
No risk of getting lost here, just go straight on!
Ano Syros (5)
When you start from the top of Ano Syros, the walk to Aghios Georgios is very easy, the alley goes up gently.
Ano Syros (6)
We shall soon arrive at the foot of the church. Another little turn and we shall be there...
Ano Syros (7)
The alley will now go around the monumental complex of the Cathedral Aghios Georgios, which is the Catholic Diocese of Syros.
Ano Syros (8)
The stroll offers few views of the city of Ermoupoli below, but in a few meters we will finally be able to have a glimpse of the panorama.
Ano Syros (9)
We arrive at the foot of the cathedral complex, which includes the church, the bell tower, the baptistery, the sacristy, the hospitality room, the historical archive building, the episcopal palace and an abandoned house.
Kioura tis Plakas (1)
Before entering the alleys of Ano Syros, we make a small detour to visit the oldest catholic church of Syros.
Kioura tis Plakas (2)
A simple church, unpretentious, which invites to meditation or contemplation. It is the oldest Catholic church in Syros, built in 1686. Kioura is a distortion of the word kyria (the lady) and the name of the church means Our Lady of Plaka.
Stairway to Aghios Georgios (1)
A last effort to reach the church, with some spectacular views while climbing.
Stairway to Aghios Georgios (2)
The bell tower is in sight and on our left, some steps of stairs lead to the forecourt of the church.
Upper entrance
To visit Ano Syros in complete freedom, the easiest way is to go by taxi. He will drop you at the main entrance of the village (which we will show you in a future version of this stroll) or here, at the top of the village. You can so visit Kioura tis Plakas church before entering the alleys.
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