You can start the virtual stroll at the place of your choice by selecting a key location from the list below.
East pier (1)
Our stroll continues towards the moles that protect the port to the east, along large buildings of the 19th century, witnesses of the time when Ermoupoli was a port more important than Piraeus.
East pier (2)
The harbor side of the promontory is a vast free parking, close to the center of the city, where you will easily find a place for your car... except in high season of course!
East pier (3)
The old buildings of the port are not abandoned, they are still occupied by different institutions, including the Pinacotheque of Cyclades, which houses permanent collections and hosts periodic exhibitions.
East pier (4)
Before arriving at the esplanade which occupies the end of the promontory, we go along a last building, the custom house, built in 1834.
East pier (5)
We are now at the end of the stroll, and we will take a last look at the esplanade, with its sundial and monument.
Eleftherios Venizelos Avenue (1)
Ermoupoli was in the 19th century the largest port of Greece and an important industrial center. Its past splendor is still there: marble is omnipresent, even in the pavement of the streets.
Kimisis tis Theotokou (1)
The icon painted by El Greco is just to the right on entering, in the gallery that runs around the nave of the church.
Kimisis tis Theotokou (2)
The icon of the Assumption painted in 1562 by the famous painter El Greco (Dominikos Theotokopoulos).
Kimisis tis Theotokou (3)
The icon painted in 1562 by El Greco attracts many visitors, but it is not the only asset of this superb church, which is definitely worth a visit.
Marina (1)
We arrive at the busiest part of the seafront, the marina. On the other side of the road, cafes and restaurants line up as if on parade.
Marina (2)
If you are lucky, you will see along the marina sailboats that will make you dream of cruises to the islands...
Marina (3)
We arrive at the marina, the only part of the waterfront where the restaurants have terraces at the edge of the water.
Marina (4)
The terraces line up on both sides of the road, very tight, you are spoiled for choice for a drink or a bite in a Riviera atmosphere.
Marina (5)
We arrive in view of Kanari Square, the last roundabout before the promontory that closes the port of Ermoupoli to the east.
Marina (6)
After the last sailboats of the marina, we are now at Kanari Square, facing the two roads that meet at the end of the promontory.
National Resistance Statue
The statue of the National Resistance stands proudly facing the port. Behind the statue, Eleftherios Venizelos Street leads to beautiful Miaoulis Square and its monumental city hall.
Naxos Street (1)
In Ermoupoli, when you go away from the seafront and Miaoulis Square, you do not escape the sloping lanes... But they are worth the effort!
Naxos Street (2)
Strolling through the alleys of Ermoupoli is a fascinating experience, from pretty renovated houses to decrepit buildings that evoke the past wealth of Syros.
Naxos Street (3)
Sometimes you dream in front of the blind windows of residences with a faded elegance, imagining the splendors of the past and the perspectives opened by the possible renovations...
Naxos Street (4)
A last little effort and we will reach the goal of the stroll... The climb up to Ano Syros, it will be for another time!
Port of Ermoupoli (1)
On the seafront, our virtual stroll starts at the port of Syros, while a ferry loads the trucks and the passengers wait patiently.
Port of Ermoupoli (2)
We pass in front of the port entrance for passengers. Crossing the road, there is a large waiting room and, climbing up the stairs, you can visit Kimisis tis Theotokou Church and admire its El Greco icon.
Sea front (1)
To rent a car, buy a boat ticket or organize an excursion, we recommend Vassilikos Travel, just on the other side of the road.
Sea front (2)
The stroll continues throughout Aktí Ethnikís Antistáseos, the "Quay of the National Resistance", which extends to the big pier that you see in the distance.
Sea front (3)
On the other side of the road, cafes, restaurants and shops line the seafront.
Sea front (4)
Small cruise ships can dock not at the harbor but along the seafront promenade.
Sea front (5)
All along the promenade you will find here and there benches that invite you to take the time to admire the view.
Sea front (6)
We arrive north of the harbor and we will now turn towards the marina. Facing the corner of the quay, on the other side of the road, you see Chios Street, taking you to Miaoulis Square.
Sea front (7)
Before arriving at the marina, we will pass in front of the statue of the National Resistance, from where we can cross the road to go and discover the famous Miaoulis Square.
Sea view (1)
On this side of the promontory, our stroll will stop at two beautiful views of the sea, with the neoclassical Vaporia area in the distance.
Sea view (2)
A beautiful panoramic view of the sea, with Vaporia on the left and Didymi on the right (the islet on which stands the lighthouse you see when arriving in Syros by sea). The island you see in the distance is Tinos, 11.3 nautical miles away.
Sea view (3)
From this point of view, we also see the churches of Agios Nikolaos Ploussios in Vaporia and Anastasi on its hill. (Ano Syros is however hidden by the building in the foreground.)
Stamatiou Proiou (1)
For shopping in Ermoupoli, or just for window shopping, this is definitely where you have to go for a walk. You will find absolutely everything!
Stamatiou Proiou (2)
To the west, the street does not remain a shopping area very long. To continue window shopping, you will soon have to go back. Our stroll, on this side, has another goal...
Stamatiou Proiou (3)
The street starts sloping up gently, the shops are getting rare. No more window shopping, we will now go and visit a beautiful church and a recommended hotel!
Stamatiou Proiou (4)
Kimisis tis Theotokou Church is a little over 100 m away now. On our right goes up Naxos Street, where our stroll will make a small detour to make you discover a very nice hotel.
Stamatiou Proiou (5)
We are now arriving at the church Kimisis tis Theotokou, target of our stroll. It's definitely worth a visit, you will not be disappointed!
Stamatiou Proiou (6)
We are here facing the entrance of the church where you can admire the icon of the Assumption painted in 1562 by El Greco (Dominikos Theotokopoulos).
Thimaton Sperchiou Roundabout
Before continuing the stroll to the end of the promontory, we will go to the left to admire beautiful views of the sea and Vaporia.
Unknown Sailor Square
At the end of Aktí Ethnikís Antistáseos ("Quay of the National Resistance"), this sundial in front of the Unknown Sailor ("Agnostou Nauti") monument marks the end of our stroll along the seafront of Ermoupoli.
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