You can start the virtual stroll at the place of your choice by selecting a key location from the list below.
Coastal road (10)
Here we are at the beginning of Finikas Beach. Our stroll will now leave the road and continue on the sand...
Coastal road (11)
All along the road to the village we will pass in front of restaurants and bars, you will be spoiled for choice!
Coastal road (12)
Still a small piece of sandy beach below the road, with some umbrellas...
Coastal road (13)
We pass in front of what is probably the smallest terrace above sea in Syros or even in all the Cyclades!
Coastal road (14)
We pass here in front of the entrance of the large free public parking of Finikas, close to the center of the village, the mini markets and the restaurants.
Coastal road (15)
This beautiful plaza is quite recent: in July 2019 the satellite photo of Google Maps still shows the sad concrete space used as parking that occupied this space!
Coastal road (16)
Our stroll will continue now towards the port, by the village road or by a path going around the small promontory and offering very beautiful sight on the sea.
Coastal road (9)
We pass here near a free public parking. It is very small but it is always good to know!
Finikas Beach (1)
The beach of Finikas is not very big but it is quite nice, with some shady spots.
Finikas Beach (2)
Fine sand, crystal-clear waters, shady spots, good restaurants, what more could you ask for?
Finikas Beach (3)
The beach is really small... we are already going back on the coastal road, and we will continue towards the center of the village and the port.
Fishermen pier
An ideal spot to have an overview of the port of Finikas, second natural harbor of the island after the port of Ermoupolis, once used by the Phoenicians (hence the name of the village).
Port and marina (1)
Just before reaching the fishermen pier, you can venture on a small stretch of beach and join the trail that skirts the promontory.
Port and marina (2)
Along the way, we will of course have a panoramic look from the fishing pier!
Port and marina (3)
Our virtual stroll continues along the fishing port and is gradually approaching the large jetty of the marina.
Port and marina (4)
There is of course no possibility of parking along the road, but a few meters from there you will see a sign indicating the direction of a small car park.
Port and marina (5)
We arrive at the marina now. With a little luck, you will find a parking place but do not forget that these panoramas were shot during springtime, out of season...
Port and marina (6)
Even out of season, the marina of Finikas welcomes many sailing ships, as you can see in this panorama shot in May 2019.
Port and marina (7)
We pass the harbor master's office and the stroll will come to an end a little further, on the pier.
Port and marina (8)
In all the Cyclades, marinas are magical places, where one dreams of cruises on beautiful sailboats...
Port and marina (9)
Here we are at the end of the virtual stroll... or at the beginning, if you start here! It runs 1,500 meters along the seafront between the marina of Finikas and the end of Voulgari Beach in Poseidonia.
Promontory path (1)
This path is not the easiest way to reach the port and the marina, but it is worth the detour!
Promontory path (2)
The waters are crystal clear and the view of Finikas Bay is superb!
Promontory path (3)
The trail skirts a beautiful private residence and we were curious to discover if we could really continue to the port...
Promontory path (4)
The last pass is practicable but we did not take the risk of jumping from one rock to another with camera in hand... We will now make a virtual jump and go straight to the harbor road!
Village Center
At the center of the village, the coastal road turns and goes inland towards Galissas and Ermoupoli. Our stroll will now take the road to the port for you to discover the marina.
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