You can start the virtual stroll at the place of your choice by selecting a key location from the list below.
Coastal road (1)
Go straight to walk to Finikas, go down the stairs on your left to discover the beach of Voulgari, take the small road to Krios to visit beautiful holiday apartments.
Coastal road (2)
The coastal road offers spectacular panoramic views of Finikas Bay.
Coastal road (3)
Even in the hottest summer days, the climb is not too exhausting...
Coastal road (4)
The sloping road, between the beaches of Voulgari and Finikas, is actually not very long: only 350 m, even if it seems longer when the sun hits hard...
Coastal road (5)
A few meters uphill and we will start to have a bird's eye view of Finikas!
Coastal road (6)
It's time to stop and admire the panoramic view over the bay of Finikas!
Coastal road (7)
The coastal road will now begin to go down towards Finikas, gradually unveiling the beach and the village.
Coastal road (8)
Seeing the crystal clear waters of Finikas Bay, you understand why this is one of the most popular seaside destinations in Syros.
Panoramic view
A beautiful panoramic view of the bay, with Finikas on one side and Voulgari Beach on the other, with Poseidonia in the background.
Road to Krios (1)
The road is very narrow, it is difficult to cross if you take it by car, drive carefully!
Road to Krios (2)
In a few dozen meters we will arrive at Reggina's holiday apartments, which are worth visiting if you are looking for an ideal accommodation.
Road to Krios (3)
Here we are, the stroll does not go further on this road. We just wanted to make you discover these dream apartments!
Voulgari Beach (1)
The beautiful beach of Voulgari is located along the road that connects the seaside resort of Finikas to the large village of Poseidonia (formerly named Delagratsia).
Voulgari Beach (2)
Voulgari Beach starts just north of the village of Poseidonia. Our virtual stroll will go along this nice beach towards Finikas.
Voulgari Beach (3)
The panoramas of our stroll were shot in May 2019, while the beach was still almost deserted.
Voulgari Beach (4)
Good to know: the beach of Voulgari is equipped with a ramp that makes it accessible to people in wheelchairs.
Voulgari Beach (5)
You can take windsurf and stand-up paddle lessons at Voulgari Beach. During our shooting in spring, the school was of course not yet open.
Voulgari Beach (6)
At the end of the beach, the sand is mixed with gravel and pebbles.
Voulgari Beach (7)
The beach ends here, we will now climb some stairs and take the coastal road to continue the stroll.
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