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A beautiful car-free village above the Goms Valley, only accessible by cable car from Betten. The cable car stations to Betten and to Bettmerhorn are on either sides of the village.
For the time being, we only show 3 panoramas shot at the foot of Bettmerhorn. We will show some in a future version of this discovery of the Aletsch region.
Between Riederalp Mitte and Moosfluh, an intermediate stop on the gondola lift takes you to a tiny lake in spectacular scenery. Take a break - you won't regret it!
In this first version we present you only 3 panoramas shot in this extraordinary place... We will show you more later on!
View of the new "ÖV-Hub" in Fiesch, which combines railway station, post buses and cable car. Here you take the gondola lift to Fiescheralp (where you take the cable car to Eggishorn and its views of the glacier), or the train to Betten Talstation and Mörel, further starting points to the glacier.
The path through Fiescheralp and down to Bettmeralp is named "Kühboden", which means something like "cows floor". It is indeed a mountain pasture that is very popular with cattle!
Here you are near the top station of the gondola lift, on an observation platform. Turn around to discover the Aletsch glacier and go for a walk along the trail to Bettmerhorn!
From this small village a cable car runs to Ried-Mörel and Riederalp, from where a chair lift takes you up to Hohfluh above the foot of the glacier. A cable car also goes up to Riederalp Mitte, from where a gondola lift climbs up to the Blausee (Blue Lake) and, further up, to the Moosfluh viewpoint.
Riederalp Mitte
We are here at 1905 m above sea level, next to the top station of the Mörel cable car. The bottom station of the gondola lift for the Blausee (Blue Lake) and the Moosfluh viewpoint is 200 m further east, along the Aletschpromenade.
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