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In the heart of the Vaud Chablais, Aigle is renowned for its magnificent castle and its high quality wines. Our virtual stroll takes you to the old town, around the castle and in the vineyards.
Col de la Croix
Open from May to November, this mountain pass connects Villars-sur-Ollon to Les Diablerets in the Vaud Alps. At the top of the pass, at an altitude of 1778 m, you will discover a strange landscape of gypsum pyramids and a small café where you can have a drink and a snack.
Col du Pillon
Pillon Pass, at an altitude of 1546m, is a mountain pass connecting Ormont-Dessus (Les Diablerets, Vaud Alps) to Gsteig, above Gstaad (Saanenland). It is the starting point of the cable car of the Tsanfleuron Glacier (Les Diablerets Glacier), which climbs up to Scex Rouge, 2971m above the sea.
Les Diablerets
The Saint-Bernard from Menton Catholic chapel and the bridge over the Grande-Eau river, with the Diablerets massif in the background. To get to the centre of the village, cross the small pedestrian bridge.
In the heart of the Grangettes, the Jardin Instinctif (Instinctive Garden) of photographer Gérard Bonnet is a magical place, a horticultural and landscaped work of art, full of poetry, fantasy and humor. The garden is open from April to November, entry is free but be sure to slip a coin or two into the piggy bank at the entrance to support the artist!
From St-Triphon to its mouth in Lake Geneva, the Grand Canal ("big channel") drains the waters of the Rhône River lowlands. Right next to it is the Emperor's Beach, in still unspoiled nature.
Overlapping the border between Switzerland and France, Saint-Gingolph is divided in two by a small river. Except on the main road, we go from one country to another without even realizing it!
The hill of St-Triphon, surrounded by cliffs, was probably entirely fortified during the Middle Ages. However, the site has never been the subject of systematic excavations and nowadays it is a nice picnic place, where some ruins create in places a romantic and mysterious atmosphere.
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