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Bad S├Ąckingen
A German town on the Rhine, linked to the small Swiss town of Stein by Europe's longest covered wooden bridge, over 400 years old. Its picturesque old town and beautiful riverside promenade are sure to attract visitors.
In front of the Graf-Zeppelin-Haus, a cultural and congress centre, the Konzertstrand ("concert beach") is a beautiful green space that invites you to relax. For another beautiful view of the lake, walk around the private properties to the west and go to the Schlosshorn, a public area in front of the castle park. This is also an opportunity to visit the beautiful Schlosskirche.
The small village of Iznang lies on the southwestern part of Lake Constance, separated from the main lake by the Seerhein ("Lake Rhine"), which flows through the German town of Konstanz. Its pier is on a boat route from Radolfzell to Mannenbach (on the Swiss side of the lake) and the monastic island of Reichenau, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
A view of the German part of the city from the bridge that connects the two sides. The bridge is closed to traffic and allows pedestrians to cross freely from one country to the other, without any customs control. The two parts of the city live in perfect harmony!
The Zollhaus ("Customs House") and a crane are the last remnants of the bygone era when Ludwigshafen was a thriving town in the 19th century thanks to Lake Constance transport. Nowadays, it is a small, quiet tourist destination with lake activities and hiking in the green hinterland.
A very picturesque medieval town... and of course very touristy, located just opposite the city of Constance (Konstanz), on the northern bank of the Obersee. It is a (nearly) car-free town, well worth a visit, and can also be reached by regular ferries from Konstanz, on the border with Switzerland.
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