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In Oensingen, between Solothurn and Aarau, the Klus Gorge opens up into the Solothurn Jura. At the end of the gorge, Old Falkenstein Castle stands above Balsthal. It is a museum of local history which unfortunately was closed for renovation when we went in June 2021.
Etang de la Gruère
In the 17th century, a small dam was built on a stream flowing across a 12,000 year old bog to power a grain mill, giving rise to this pond. It is a protected nature reserve, but has been arranged for relaxation in an enchanting environment.
La Brévine
In the Neuchâtel Jura, some 1,100 m over the sea, La Brévine is nicknamed "the Swiss Siberia", as temperatures in winter reach regularly -22°F (and even -43°F in 1987)... In summer, it's a beautiful valley, ideal for hikes and farniente.
Lac des Taillères
Lake Taillères is located 2 km southwest of the village of La Brévine. Chemin des Cottards runs along the shoreline for 1 km before moving away from it a little. If you go for a walk in summer at sunset, this is the spectacle you will witness...
Laufen, a small German-speaking town, refused to become part of the new canton of Jura in 1974 and 20 years later, having become an exclave of the canton of Bern, decided to join the neighbouring canton of Basel-Landschaft. Its old town is listed in the Swiss inventory of protected sites, as are more famous places such as Murten and Estavayer-le-Lac.
Les Ponts-de-Martel
The ideal place to discover the peat bogs, a very particular and now rare ecosystem, in a superb environment. Paths and boardwalks make the walk very easy and the educational panels make it fascinating. There are many artistic surprises along the way, which delight both young and old.
The castle stands on the first slope of the Fahy Hill above the town. Its buildings show an architectural panorama that goes from the Middle Ages to the end of the 18th century. Here we are facing the Réfous Tower, built in the 13th century, which was part of the outer wall that has now disappeared but of which a few curvilinear 14th century ramparts remain.
Above Saint-Imier (Bernese Jura), Mont-Soleil is Switzerland's largest research centre for renewable energies, with giant wind turbines and a solar power plant.
Saint-Ursanne, situated where the Doubs River makes a loop before flowing into France, has preserved its medieval character and features many historical curios, like collegiate churches, cloister, castle ruins, and a hermitage.
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