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Augusta Raurica
Augusta Raurica is, together with Aventicum (Avenches), the most beautiful Roman archaeological site in Switzerland. The 71 panoramic views presented here, from a dozen different starting points, cover only a part of the site, which has many other surprises in store for you.
Basel is a big city where we have so far only shot two small series of panoramas, one here on the Market Plaza (Marktplatz) and at the Roothuus (Red House, the City Hall), the other on the Münsterplatz and around the cathedral. As you can imagine, there are many other places to discover in Basel!
Laufen, a small German-speaking town, refused to become part of the new canton of Jura in 1974 and 20 years later, having become an exclave of the canton of Bern, decided to join the neighbouring canton of Basel-Landschaft. Its old town is listed in the Swiss inventory of protected sites, as are more famous places such as Murten and Estavayer-le-Lac.
A view of the Swiss part of the city, split in two since 1802 following the Treaty of Lunéville between France and Austria, which conceded the left bank of the Rhine to the French Republic. At that time, Bonaparte's France invaded Switzerland, which became a short-lived Helvetic Republic under his aegis. The bridge linking the two banks is closed to traffic, but allows pedestrians to cross freely from one country to the other.
Dominated by the impressive Munot Fortress, Schaffhausen is situated on the Rhine River, not far from the famous Rhine Waterfalls. The old town is magnificent, with many typical houses and as it's a pedestrian zone, you'll walk peacefully counting the oriels... There are 171 of them!
Stein am Rhein
Stein am Rhein once derived its wealth from trade, when transport was by ship wherever possible. It was the only passage to sail from the Rhine to Lake Constance. The city has retained its exceptional architectural heritage from this past wealth and nowadays is a place where crowds of tourists flock, especially during summer. But it's a must-see!
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