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1,542 m (5,059 ft) above the sea, a beautiful area for easy hikes around the lake as well as for mountain treks. Mountain restaurant with terrace and lake view. Toll road (CHF5.00) from Feutersoey above Gstaad, open usually mid-May till end of October.
Château-d'Œx is the capital of Pays-d'Enhaut, in the Vaud Pre-Alps. The village is known worldwide for its international festival of hot air balloons, celestial ballet that many spectators observe from the church hill.
You will be enchanted by the charm and the picturesque architecture of this medieval town built on a hill at the foot of the Prealps, unaffected by the passage of time and built in a superb setting. Gruyères has given its name to the whole region and to its delicious cheese, famous all over the world.
A tiny village above Gstaad, on the road to Pillon Pass, which connects Saanenland to Diablerets in the Vaud Alps. Near the village, a small gondola lift takes you up to Lake Sénin and the Sanetsch Pass, which connects the Bernese Oberland to the Valais.
Jaunpass, 1508m above sea level, is a mountain pass connecting Bulle in Gruyère (Canton of Fribourg) to Reidenbach in Simmental (Canton of Bern). This panorama, shot near the pass, is oriented on the jagged Gastlosen mountain range that can be seen in the distance.
Rossinière is quite famous for its Grand Chalet, built in 1754, one of the biggest wood houses of Europe, where the painter Balthus lived until his death. One cannot visit this incredible chalet but you have definitely to see it!
In the Middle Ages, Rougemont belonged to the County of Gruyères but, before leaving on a crusade, Count Wilaire ceded the village to the order of the monks of Cluny. These monks, helped by the inhabitants of the place, built in 1080 this beautiful Romanesque church. In 1555, Rougemont passed into Bernese hands and the church became a Reformed place of worship.
When crossing the linguistic border, the Pays-d'Enhaut valley changes name and becomes the Saanenland (or Gessenay in French). The village of Saanen is the capital of this area and - believe it or not - nearby Gstaad is just a village among others in the Township of Saanen!
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