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Cully, a large winegrowing village of nearly 2,000 inhabitants located on the shores of Lake Léman (Lake Geneva), became in 2011 the chief town of the municipality of Bourg-en-Lavaux, which also includes Aran, Villette, Grandvaux, Riex and Epesses, 5 villages in the famous Lavaux wine region.
The winegrowing village of Epesses is located on the Route de la Corniche ("Ledge Road"), the spectacular road that crosses the terraced vineyards of Lavaux, a sun-drenched area that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and produces some of the best wines in Switzerland.
This small winegrowing village is closely linked to the memory of the Italian comic book writer Hugo Pratt (1927-1995), who settled here at the end of his life, having fallen in love with the extraordinary panorama that can be seen here. A beautiful statue of his hero Corto Maltese contemplates here the vineyards of Lavaux and Lake Geneva.
La Tour-de-Peilz
A little town nested between Vevey and Montreux, on the Swiss Riviera. The Swiss Museum of Games is located in the Castle of La Tour-de-Peilz.
Les Avants
Les Avants, at an altitude of 1000m, is one of the villages of Montreux, a small town with many villages between lake and mountains. This view was taken in May from the road to Sonloup, which in winter becomes a popular sledge run. In the summer it is a hiker's paradise and in May the fields are covered with "May snow", a white blanket of millions of flowering narcissi.
Les Pléiades
Here we are at the start of the trail through the marsh of Tenasses, with the large Motalles car park just behind us. The 50 panoramas of this stroll were shot in mid-April 2022, just after the snow melted. The vegetation is just starting to take over...
On its quayside, Lutry gives an impression of luxury that makes it like a bourgeois annex of Lausanne. However, Lutry is still part of Lavaux and, as you wander through its narrow streets, you discover all the charm of the old days.
Located on the shore of Lake Geneva and on the first slopes of the Prealps, Montreux hosts the famous Montreux Jazz Festival and the Christmas Market. It's an ideal starting point to discover the Swiss Riviera.
The most picturesque village in the Lavaux region of Lake Léman (Lake Geneva), which terraced vineyards are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The old city of Vevey is dotted with historical monuments and museums bearing witness to its rich heritage. In addition, a large variety of boutiques and craftsmen can be found in the narrow paved streets, displaying their know-how and wares.
Believe it or not, the Castle of Chillon is not situated in Montreux, but in Veytaux, the only village that refused to join the new Commune of Montreux back in 1962.
The last town on the northern shore of Lake Léman (Lake Geneva), gate to the Chablais area. Natural reserve of Les Grangettes just nearby, for nice hikes.
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