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La Dôle
La Dôle, the second highest peak in the Vaud Jura, rises to an altitude of 1,677 m and stands above Nyon. Many chamois can be seen on its slopes. The summit ball is an observatory that serves as a meteorological station and regulates traffic at Geneva-Cointrin international airport.
Lac de la Gruyère
Second largest artificial lake in Switzerland after Lake Grande-Dixence, Lake Gruyère offers a multitude of different landscapes. We are here on the tiny beach of the peninsula where the Abyss Festival, a small rock, metal and hardcore open-air, takes place every year near Hauteville.
On the road from Avenches to Moudon, the small town of Lucens is known for its beautiful castle, which unfortunately cannot be visited, and for its Sherlock Holmes Museum, opened by one of Arthur Conan Doyle's sons. You will also see some beautiful old houses.
Moudon is a small, little-known town located off the main motorways. An old part of the town, the Ville Haute (Upper Town), perched on molasse cliffs, is worth a visit. Here we are in front of Castle Rochefort, which houses the Museum of Old Moudon.
Panorama: a very attentive crowd during a classical music concert on the Arches stage in 2017

Paléo is the largest and most popular open-air festival in French-speaking Switzerland. It takes place every year in July and mixes all musical styles, from chanson to classical music and from rock to rap to world music. Here are three aspects that make it an absolutely unique event.
With the numerous churches of the region and its Vitromuseum, Romont has become the Swiss capital of stained-glass windows. Perched on the top of a hill, the town boasts a long and distinguished history and is quite well preserved.
The hermitage is not easy to find. From Düdingen near Fribourg (Freiburg), follow small narrow roads towards Räsch, pass the hamlet, then the road passes over the motorway. Just after the bridge turn left and park at the shooting range. Continue on foot (the path is indicated).
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