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Cully, a large winegrowing village of nearly 2,000 inhabitants located on the shores of Lake Léman (Lake Geneva), became in 2011 the chief town of the municipality of Bourg-en-Lavaux, which also includes Aran, Villette, Grandvaux, Riex and Epesses, 5 villages in the famous Lavaux wine region.
Above the Valais resort of Morgins, just before the border between Switzerland and France, Lake Morgins is a lovely spot for a picnic and an easy family walk.
The hermitage is not easy to find. From Düdingen near Fribourg (Freiburg), follow small narrow roads towards Räsch, pass the hamlet, then the road passes over the motorway. Just after the bridge turn left and park at the shooting range. Continue on foot (the path is indicated).
East of Lausanne, Lutry is the first village of Lavaux, the Lake Geneva coast famous for its terraced vineyards, listed in the World Heritage by UNESCO.
During Antiquity, Avenches was the capital of Helvetia. You can see, among other Roman ruins, an arena where various shows and festivals take place today.
With the numerous churches of the region and its Vitromuseum, Romont has become the Swiss capital of stained-glass windows. Perched on the top of a hill, the town boasts a long and distinguished history and is quite well preserved.
The most picturesque village in the Lavaux region of Lake Léman (Lake Geneva), which terraced vineyards are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
La Dôle
La Dôle, the second highest peak in the Vaud Jura, rises to an altitude of 1,677 m and stands above Nyon. Many chamois can be seen on its slopes. The summit ball is an observatory that serves as a meteorological station and regulates traffic at Geneva-Cointrin international airport.
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