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Col du Sanetsch
The Sanetsch Pass is located in the western Bernese Alps, but entirely within the territory of the canton of Valais. It is only accessible by car from Savièse, above Sion, to Lake Sénin. On the Bernese side, it can only be reached on foot or by cable car from Gsteig, above Gstaad.
The village of Euseigne in the Val d'Hérens is famous for its "pyramids", under which the main road in the valley passes through a small tunnel. These cone-shaped rock formations are 10 to 15 m high and crowned with a block of stone. They were formed by the degradation of moraines from the ice ages.
A very typical village high in Val d'Hérens (Valais), the valley where cows are so aggressive that they fight each other... Every spring, such fights are publicly organized and the winner becomes the Queen of the Cows!
Above the Valais resort of Morgins, just before the border between Switzerland and France, Lake Morgins is a lovely spot for a picnic and an easy family walk.
The medieval town of Saillon, perched on the rock, stands on the right bank of the Rhône between Martigny and Sion. It is an integral part of Switzerland's national heritage, both for its traditional architecture and for having been the home of the famous counterfeiter Farinet, who became a popular Valaisan hero.
Standing on the edge of a rocky defile dug by the Rhône River, the Castle of Saint-Maurice locks the passage between Chablais and Valais. The highway passes this lock through a tunnel, and unless you exit it, you won't see much of this historic fortress nestled in the shadows.
Val d´Hérens
The Borgne is the river that flows at the bottom of Val d'Hérens. Our panoramas were shot along the alluvial zone of Lotrey, a biotope of national importance.
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