France: Jura, Vosges, Alsace

Romandie, the French-speaking western part of Switzerland, is entirely bordered by France, from north to south. We group together here the regions beyond the north-western border, from Geneva to Basel.

These panoramas were shot during our 2022 "Switzerland Tour Outside Switzerland", which you can discover on this page.

This Switzerland Tour beyond the borders, which crosses France, Germany, Austria and Italy, shows just how arbitrary borders can be.

The French and Swiss Alps and Pre-Alps are alike, Lake Léman remains blue in the north as well as in the south and the Jura mountains remains the Jura on both sides of the border.

The shots in neighbouring France were taken between May and July, in very variable weather conditions, between good weather and stormy skies, and many beautiful destinations are still missing.

We hope to show you more of it in 2023! Other panoramas of France, shot in the Genevois, in the south of Lake Geneva and in the Pre-Alps and Alps, are available here.
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