Switzerland's largest canton is a perfect illustration of the country's diversity, with vineyards and rivers, lakes and mountains, historic towns and traditional villages.

Do you think there are four languages in Switzerland? In Graubünden there are at least ten dialects, Alemannic, Romansh and Lombard, all of which are different from one valley to the next.

Do you think Graubünden is like other Alpine regions? The north grows vines on the slopes of the Rhine, the south looks like Italy. In between, long valleys bask in the sun and spectacular peaks tear the sky.

Canton Graubünden is absolutely unique.

It is so vast and mountainous that from the Oberalp Pass in the west to the Austrian border in the east it is almost four hours' drive, more than it takes to cross Switzerland from Geneva to Zurich.

The panoramas we have shot in Graubünden during the summer of 2021 are just a preview of this great Alpine canton, where we are sure to return.

While most of Graubünden is in the heart of the Alps, with one peak over 4,000m (Piz Bernina), some valleys are Italian-speaking and face south of the Alps, on the border with Italy or Ticino.
Discovering Graubünden

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