Jura Mountains

This mountain range runs along the north-west of Switzerland, crossing 7 Swiss cantons and 9 French departments.

The highest point of the massif, the Crêt de la Neige ("Snow Ridge"), is located in France and dominates Geneva from the top of its 1720 m altitude.

It is a region of wide valleys and high plateaus, with wilder gorges and numerous pastures.

The Jura is great for hiking in the summer, and in the winter offers cross-country ski trails, frozen lakes for skating and other sports activities.

The few places where we have shot panoramas from Neuchâtel Jura to west up to Basel-Landschaft to east will certainly make you want to see more!

The Jura mountain range extends further to the south-west, to the gates of Geneva, and we will shoot panoramas in the Vaud Jura next year to show you more beautiful landscapes...
Discovering the Jura

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