The Pre-Alps

Bucolic and wild at the same time, the Pre-Alps offer a multitude of dreamlike landscapes.

Here are just a few glimpses of this beautiful region, where we are sure to return during the summer months to show you more places.

At the moment, this section features "virtual strolls" in Gruyère (Canton of Fribourg), in Pays-d'Enhaut (Canton of Vaud) and in Saanenland (Canton of Bern) and a foray into Valais, near Lake Sénin (Sanetsch) from where flows the Sarine (Saane), the most famous Fribourg river.

The Swiss Pre-Alps, in fact, extend much further: they stretch north of the Alps from Lake Léman (Lake Geneva) to the Rhine river. Their highest peaks are between 1500 and 3000 metres, offering both green and steep landscapes.
360° panoramas and virtual strolls

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