Saastal (Saas Valley)

Saastal is of course the valley of Saas-Fee, an amazing destination for winter sports as well as summer hiking.

In Visp, in Upper Wallis, a valley opens up towards south, climbing to the highest peaks of the Alps. In Stalden, it divides in two. One branch leads to Zermatt, the other to Saas-Fee.

It is in the Saas Valley that you will find the cable cars that climb to some of the most beautiful viewpoints on the over 4000m peaks.

The Saas Valley is a paradise for winter sports, but we made this panoramic shooting during summer to show you how attractive the destination is in all seasons.

We would like to thank Joel Bieler and the team of the Saastal Tourist Office for their interest and support in the realization of this exclusive panoramic shooting!
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