Ticino - Tessin

For all Swiss people, the Italian-speaking canton south of the Alps is an irresistible holiday destination.

Ticino is a large triangle wedged into northern Italy, cut off from the rest of Switzerland by the Alps.

There are only two major roads leading to it: the Gotthard (from Berne to Italy via Central Switzerland) and the San Bernardino (via Eastern Switzerland and Graubünden), whose tunnels allow passage in summer and winter.

Of course, during the summer months, the roads through the Alpine passes offer much more spectacular journeys!

While the mountainous north of the canton offers Alpine landscapes, the south is softer, covered with vineyards and bathed in the lakes it shares with Italy, lined with palm trees and pines.

Between ruggedness of the mountains and nearly Mediterranean smoothness, Ticino has many faces, some of which are presented here.
Discovering Ticino

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