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We are here in Saas-Balen, on the bridge that crosses the Saaser Vista, the river of the valley. A small stop is welcome to go and see the strange round church of the village up close.
At an altitude of 2400 m, Kreuzboden (in the regional dialect Chrizbodu) is a starting point for beautiful summer hikes between torrents and wild flowers.
Here we are at Mittelallalin, 3457m above sea level, between two glaciers, the Feegletscher and the Hohlobgletscher. This is the domain of eternal snow, as you can see on this panorama shot in early August. In the bowels of the glacier you can visit the Ice Pavilion, a 5500 m3 ice cave.
From Saas-Grund, between Saas-Balen and Saas-Almagell, a road leads up to Saas-Fee (on a plateau on the west side) and a cable car goes up to Kreuzboden and Hohsass (on the other side of the valley).
The last village in the Saas Valley, with some very picturesque spots. Further on, the road continues to the Mattmark dam.
At an altitude of 2245m, a restaurant with a nice terrace, a playground for the children, goats that are not too shy and nice hiking possibilities.
15 of the summits facing you are over 4000m high. And there are two more next to you. Hohsass, 3145m above the sea, is the only place accessible by public transport where you can see so many of them!
Amazing viewpoints at almost 3000m altitude. Take a walk between the glaciers to the small glacial lakes a little higher up.
The Saas-Fee cable car stops here, at 2448m, and you take another cable car up to Längfluh. With a bit of luck and if you walk away from the restaurant, you will be able to see some not-so-wild marmots and even feed them.
At the bottom of this rocky hillock, you can see the bus station on the left, the tourist office on the right and, in between, the Postplatz (Post Office Plaza), where we will go for a walk.
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